7/Bring Me To Life

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I'm startled awake by a scream.

"Everything okay?" I call out. Maybe it was just my imagination. I open my door and walk out into the hall. There's balloons creating a path.

"Hello?" I hear wood creek from behind me, but I don't have time to turn around when a mask is put around my mouth. I struggle against my attacker until I feel drowsy, and pass out.

"Ugh my fucking head." I hear someone say from nearby. I try to open my eyes, but feel too weak. I can only listen.

"Oh shit. Oh crap. Ash?" The voice sounds like Chris. He sounds panicked.

"I think he hit me," I hear Ashley cry. Did the same person who knocked me out hurt them?

"Shit. I'm gonna murder his fucking face off."

"What is this?" Ashley cries. I wish I could open my eyes to see.

"This is him. This is the guy who killed Josh." Wait, Josh is dead? No that can't be true.

"No Chris... OH MY GOD CARA!"



"S-she looks like she's breathing Ash, she'll be okay."

"We're going to die," Ashley sobs.

"No one is going to die."

"I wish I could tell you...it's just not fair!" Ashley cries.

"What, tell me what?"

"It's too late Chris, what's the point?"

"Stop it, just say it."

"We're always talking around it, and now we've wasted everything!"

"Ashley...none of it was wasted." What are they talking about?

"What do you mean?"

"Every second that I spent with you was the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my time."

"What are you saying Chris?"

"I'm sorry. I should have told you how I felt." I feel a weight push on my chest and I begin to have a panic attack. He really does love her. I really stood no chance. My eyes open as I begin to freak out.

"Cara? Oh god, are you okay?" I find it hard to breath. He loves her. He loves HER. I hear a loud buzzing sound go off and  Ashley screams. I look up and see a saw above Chris and Ashley, who are tied to chairs.

"Oh god! Cara get out of here!" Chris yells, but I can't. I can't move, I'm frozen in fear. What the hell is going on? Ashley lets out a scream as I deep voice echoes throughout the room.

"Hello there my special little subjects. Here's the twist. Chris has made one fatal choice already today, and now he must make another. Chris you can take that gun in front of you, and shoot Ashley, or you can shoot yourself. Whoever is left, can live. The choice is yours" I let a small sob from a mixture of terror, and heartbreak.

"Oh and Cara. Don't think I forgot about you, if you move a single inch. I will kill both Chris and Ashley." The voice warns. I stare at Chris. He can't die, I won't be able to live without him. He points the gun at himself, and panic fills me.

"Wait stop, you can't do it. Chris it should be me. You chose to save me before, let me save you this time. If I do one last thing in my life, let me do this. Chris please oh god." Ashley begs. Chris points the gun at her, and pulls the trigger. The gun fires a blank. I look past Chris and see a masked man walking towards us.

"Get away!" I yell.

"Oh Chris....ever heard of blanks? I mean really?" The man reaches up to the back of his head and removes his mask.

"J-Josh?" I whisper. He bursts out laughing. I turn around and see Mike and Sam walking towards us.

"Josh?" Chris asks sounding shocked.

"Josh?" Sam is walking over to the table where Chris and Ashley are.

"Oh very good. Every one of you got my name. And after all you've been through. Good-good-good. I mean how does that feel? Right? How does it feel to be terrorized? I mean panicked? Cara. I saw your little panic attack, that was great. I mean the emotion was great, and the reason behind it was great. Good show my dear cousin. You've all lived through the emotion that my sisters got to feel one year ago. Only guess what? They didn't get to laugh it off. Nope, they're gone!"

"I don't know if you noticed Josh, but none of us are laughing."

"Oh come on. Why the long faces? It's good to get the heart racing, and race the did. I hope you all appreciated my little spectacle. I mean no detail too small! No opportunity missed. It was such a delight to play the puppet master, and I couldn't have done it without my special assistant Miss Cara Washington. Let's give her a round of applause." I freeze as all eyes turn to me.

"Cara, you were in on this?" Chris sounds betrayed.

"I-I, no, I-I-"

"Oh don't you let me take all the work. She was a great help planning," Josh says.

"Cara...why?" I stare at them all, their faces look so betrayed, so hateful. I turn to look at Chris, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Josh is obviously off his meds, but what's your excuse for pulling this?" The anger in Chris's voice makes my heart shatter. I feel the panicked feeling come back.

"I'm sorry," I say before running out of the room.

A/N- Song chapter was based off of- Bring me to life by Evanescence. Such intense very wow, as I said last chapter things are only gonna go downhill from here. Thanks for reading -floating_fangirl

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