6/Bad Blood

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"Home sweet home," Josh says as we walk into the lodge.

"Sweet is not the word I'd use," Matt mutters.

"Oh my gosh, it feels so good to be inside. Even if it's still kind of freezing in here," Ashley says.

"I'll get a fire going," Josh tells her.

"This place barely looks any different."

"Nobodys been up here," Josh tells us.

"Even with all the police coming in and out?"

"Not a lot of action up here lately."

"What's up party people?" Mike says as he and Jess walk into the living room.

"Hey," Jess says waving her hands up.

"Hey guys." Mike sits next to Jess on the couch, putting his arm around her.

"Oh my god, that is so gross. Are you trying to swallow his face whole? Seriously could she be anymore obvious? No one want's in on your territory honey," I hear Emily say. Here comes a fight.

"Exscuse me, did you say something?" Jess asks getting up.

"Oh did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness too loud?"

"Sounds like someone's bitter she didn't make the cut."

"Yeah, it's all a big cattle call with that dreamboat. Congrats you're top cow."

"Cuts real deep calling Miss Homecoming a cow. Whatever, I don't give a crap what you think."

"At least I can think. 4.0, bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job."

"That bitch is on crack or something." This is getting out of hand. Time for the mellow one to defuse the bomb.

"Guys stop!" I say trying to end the fight.

"If we can't get along for 10 minutes, maybe we should all take a bit of a break, right? Mike, why don't you check out the guest cabin. The one I told you about. " Josh says.

"Yeah, right. Wanna go do that?" Mike asks Jess.

"Any place without that whore," she says before taking Mikes hand and leaving.

"Okay, let's get the fire going," I say.

"Where's my bag?" Emily asks.

"Maybe you forgot it," I say.

"Do you think I would forget my bag? Matt, you must have left it down by the cable station. We'll be back soon."

"Okay let's go," Matt says before leaving with Emily.

"And then there was us," I say awkwardly.

"I'm gonna go take a bath," Sam says.

"And then there was us minus one."

"Okay peanut gallery, I got an idea," Josh says to Chris, Ashley, and I.


"Okay I'm pretty sure somewhere in this crazy place we have a spirit board."

"Wow you have a spirit board? Those things are a joke man, they don't do shit," Chris says.

"No way bro, we used to do it all the time. Me and...well," he trails off.

"You guys have fun with that, I'm gonna go read in my room," I say.

"Nerd," Chris laughs. I flip him off as I walk up the stairs. I reach my room and pull out a book from my bag. Cirque Du Freak. I open the book and begin to read. After about 5 minutes my mind drifts to elseware. It's been less then a hour and we're already fighting with each other, hopefully Jess and Emily will make up by the end of the week. I find boredum creeping into my head. I could go downstairs, but I don't want to get invloved with whatever spirit stuff their doing, maybe Josh is going solo with the prank. I feel my eyes getting heavy and I fall asleep.

A/N- Song chapter was based off of Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. I'm sorry I thought it fit well with the whole Emily and Jess thing. Sorry this chapter is kind of just like I copied and pasted part of the game without Cara really in it, but I promise the next chapter is going to be instense af. We're just gonna go downhill from here. Thanks for reading -floating_fangirl

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