5/Class Clown

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We walk up to the lodge in silence. Once we get up there we're greeted by Josh.

"Hey guys," he says.

"Hey," I smile. It does feel really good to be back. We follow Josh to the front of the building where Ashley and Matt are. I walk up the steps with Josh and Chris to the front door.

"We gonna get this thing started or what?"

"Dammit, this freaking thing," Josh mutters as he tries to unlock the door.

"It's iced?" Chris asks.

"What else."

"Maybe there's some other way in, there has to be a window or something we can get open," I say.

"Are you suggesting that we break in?" Josh questions.

"You're right, it's not like you own the place or anything," I say sarcastically. Chris laughs at that which causes me to blush.

"Alright then lead the way you two," Josh says. We walk down the steps and Chris turns to Ashley.

"Hey Ash."

"Hi Chris," she smiles. I try my best to block out their conversation. They nervous way Chris sounds when he talks to her makes my heart sink. Once Chris is done talking to Ashley he turns and walks over to Josh and I. The three of us walk to the side of the lodge.

"Ashley was looking pretty hot today right? She's like a sleeper hit kind of girl you know. Now I just want to rip that parka right off her...and make some snow angels. Right?" Josh says as we get farther from the building.

"Hey, cut it out man," Chris tells Josh.

"I mean if you're not gonna bang her. Maybe Mike'll take up the case."

"Will you back off already?"

"Relax, I'm just checking to see if there's some blood flowing down there," Josh says defensively. My stomach twists, nothing feels worse than hearing your cousin talking to your crush about "banging" someone else.

"Listen dude. Look around you. Look at these beautiful mountains. Do you see any parents? I mean can you imagine a more perfect, ripe scenario, just dripping with erotic possibilities? You and Ashley alone at last. You've laid all the ground work, you've been a perfect gentleman. Now you come in for the kill."

"Maybe you're right." Those three words feel like a stab in the heart, a tear fall down my cheek from a mixture of emotional pain and the cold messing with my eyes.

"You're a hunter bro, no fear, no mercy. She won't even know what hit her." Chris lets out a laugh.

"Okay Josh we get it, Chris should bang Ashley. Now can we please get on with this? Jeez," I snap.

"What climbed into your panties?" Josh laughs as we continue to walk.

"It's not fair to talk about someone like that, Ashley isn't an object. She's a person," I say sounding more pissed off then I should.

"I didn't expect you to be so defensive," Josh teases.

"Shut up Josh okay?" Josh looks at me for a second.

"Hey Chris, you go on ahead, we'll catch up with you in a sec."


"Why are you-"

"Are you crying?" He asks sounding concerned.

"Huh? Oh the cold wind is kind of messing with me," I lie.

"Okay," he says obviously not believing a word. We run up to Chris and see him walking over to a dumpster by a window.

"Well well well. We've got ourselves a thinker. Nice one," Josh says as he helps Chris push it under the window. Chris jumps up on top of it and opens the window. He swings over the bottom and falls onto the other side, landing on his back. Josh and I stare down at him from the top of the dumpster.

"Ugh, I'm okay. I should've paid more attention in climbing class," Chris groans.

"You mean gym?" Josh and I say at the same time.

"Yeah you know, when we climb up the rope." The inside of the lodge is dark.

"Here use this," Josh says before throwing Chris a lighter.

"Whoa Chris I just got an awesome idea."


"Totally, Okay so I'm pretty sure that I've got some spray deodorant in one of the bathrooms, you could use that and the lighter. Flamethrower."

"Bye bye frozen lock."

"Bingo. Alright so you got this. I'm gonna go sort something out, you up for some hunting in the dark?"

"Nope, but I'll do it." Josh and I hope off the dumpster and begin to walk back.

"So......Chris," Josh randomly says.

"What about him?" I reply.

"How long have you liked him?"

"What are you talking about? I don't."

"You're so full of shit Caroline Washington," he laughs.

"Okay fine, you got me, but you can't tell anyone."

"So how long have you wanted to take him to the bone zone?" He asks.

"First of all there is no bone zone. This bone zone you speak of is in another galaxy far far away, and second of all I've liked him since freshmen year," I confess.

"Fuck, that's a long time."

"Tell me about it," I sigh.

"You have to tell him."

"What? No! Everyone knows he's gonna end up with Ashley, you said it yourself that he needs to take her to the 'bone zone', I don't want to make a bigger fool of myself then I already have," I tell Josh.

"I have to actually check something really quickly though, I'll meet up with you at the lodge in a sec," Josh tells me as we reach two separate paths.

"Okay, see you then."

"We can talk about Cochise later," he winks before running off.

 A/N- Song chapter was based off of Class Clown by Anthony Amorim. I'm going to update another chapter today just because the next chapter is kind of slow paced and more of a filler. Thanks for reading -floating_fangirl

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