16/Your Song

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June 2020 

 "So where are you taking me?" I ask Chris as I turn up the car radio. 

 "A really cool place," he answers. 

 "Give me a hint."

 "You've been there before." I come up with a few places in my head. 

 "We're here." I look out the window, it's the arcade Chris took me for our first date. 

 "So this is why you told me to bring quarters, I should have guessed," I laugh.

 "I brought a lot, just in case you get addicted to Q*bert like last time."

 "It's an addicting game!" 

 "C'mon let's go," Chris says getting out of the car. We walk into the place and I notice that it's empty. 

 "Where is everyone?" 

 "I may or may not have rented the place for 3 hours," Chris tells me. 


 "Because I haven't taken you on a proper date since Christmas break, I wanted this to be special since we are now both officially done with college." 

 "Which I'm really happy about by the way. I can't wait til we get our apartment next month," I say happily kissing his cheek.

 "My goal is to win a ton of plushies for our living room." 

 "I'm gonna beat Q*bert," I say before running over to the Q*bert game. 

 "We can play that later, I want to play some other stuff first," Chris says taking my hand. 

 "Fine, but I will beat that game." We play games for two hours until the game seems too irresistible. 

 "Time for me to beat this son of a bitch." 

 "I only have this place for another hour, you better be quick," Chris says dragging a stool next to the machine. I put a quarter in and start level one. I fail on many occasions. 

 "Chris hand me another quarter!" I practically yell at him.

 "Are you sure you want to keep playing?" He questions. 

 "Chris give me another fucking quarter, I am going to beat this game!" 

 "Okay fine!" He hands me a quarter, I go to put it in the machine. But it's not a quarter, it's a ring. I look at Chris and see that he's on one knee. 

 "Chris, what are you doing?" 

 "Cara. I've been in love with you since the day I met you. You've helped me through the best and worst moments of my life. Every second I spend with you is like I'm in another world. Everything is perfect with you by my side, and I want you to be with me for the rest of my life. What I'm trying to say is Caroline Mae Harris, will you marry me?" 

 "YES!" I say tears in my eyes. Chris stands up and I wrap my arms around his neck. I look into his eyes and kiss him. Once we break away he slides the ring onto my finger. 

 "It's beautiful," I say a large smile taking over my face. 

 "You're beautiful." 

 "I love you Christopher." 

 "I love you too Caroline."  

  A/N- Song chapter was based off of- Your Song by Elton John.OTP OTP OTP! Okay this is probably my favorite chapter I've written. It's so cuteeeee. Thanks to my pal Maggie for the idea by the way (she's a swaggy muffin). I only have like three or four more chapters left I think. Thanks for reading :) -floating_fangirl 

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