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Maybe I'm insane, that would explain a lot. Like the fact that I'm sitting on the floor when there's a bed right behind me. Like the fact that I'm just staring at the ceiling, laughing and crying. I'm sobering up, I can feel the alcohol leaving my head, probably because I spent a good ten minutes throwing it up. I wonder how long I've been up in my room? It feels like hours, but I'm pretty sure it's hasn't been long. Maybe I should just go downstairs and face everyone. I can explain to them that I really didn't help with the prank. Would they believe me? What if Chris is down there, I can't face him after telling him that I like him. It would be too awkward. I really should just get it over with. I take a deep breath and stand up.

"Let's hope they'll believe me," I say to myself before opening my door. I walk down the staircase and see Ashley standing at one of the doors, looking out. I hear a gunshot from outside and begin to walk over to where Ashley is.

"Ash! Ash, come on this thing is right behind me! Please! Let me in!" A voice from outside says. It's Chris. I'm a little far away from the door, but close enough to see Chris with a panicked look on his face, and a monster getting closer to him.

"Ashley, open the door," I say, but she stands still. Without thinking I run as fast as I can to the door, shoving Ashley to the ground.

"Chris, c'mon get in!" I yell, letting him in. I slam the door behind him. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tightly, slightly crying.

"Cara, we gotta go, that thing is gonna break the glass!" He takes my hand in his, for I second I'm ready to get the fuck away from that door, but then I remember Ashley.

"Ashley, why the hell didn't you let Chris in?" I know I shouldn't be focusing on that, but I'm curious why she left him to die.

"I-I...I don't know," she mutters.

"You fucking left him out there to get attacked by that thing, and you don't know why? I call bull shit on that!" I'm getting angry at her now.

"Cara, we can ask her about all this later, we need to go before that thing attacks all of us!" Chris says trying to calm me down. I hear wood creek from behind me and see Mike running over to us.

"Good Cara's here. I was about to go get her. Now we all need to get down to the basement," he says. I'm still holding on to Chris's hand. Mike and Ashley walk into the room where everyone else is.

"You okay?" Chris asks once I stop walking.

"N-No. I can't go in there, they all hate me," I say. Chris lets go off my hand.

"Even you. I saw the way you looked at me when Josh said I helped with the prank," I continue.

"I didn't know he was making it up. I'm so sorry Cara."

"It's okay, you just believed your friend, anyone would."

"I'm not just sorry about that," he confesses. 

"Then what are you sorry for?"

"For never doing this." He puts his hands on the sides of my face and presses his lips against mine. It takes me a moment to get over the shock and kiss back. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin to have all the thoughts from tonight wash away.

"I really like you Cara, I have for a long time," he confesses. For a second my heart does a flip.

"Then what was that thing you had with Ashley?"

"I feel like a dick for saying this, but I kind of forced myself to like someone else to get over you. Ashley was that someone. I guess she was a rebound, but when you said you felt the same way I did...." He trails off.

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