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Barely Alive - Josh Washington x Reader by Satanwillrise_
Barely Alive - Josh Washington x Leah
After the tragic death of Hannah and beth, Josh decided to invite everybody back to the Blackwood Pines lodge on Mount Washington for their annual winter getaway. It's...
  • fanfiction
  • climbingclass
  • joshxreader
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Disenchanted (Until Dawn Chris Fanfiction) by floating_fangirl
Disenchanted (Until Dawn Chris floating_fangirl
and when the lights all went out we watched our lives on the screen I hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene.
  • action
  • climbing
  • class
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Please don't leave me [Climbing Class] by Wenn-shi
Please don't leave me [Climbing Wenn-shi
"Do you promise me to stay?" he ask quietly,looking down at his lap "I promise",I say with a smile,moving closer to him and giving him a hug.
  • love
  • climbingclass
  • washington
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AFTERMATH [Until Dawn] by untilmunroe
AFTERMATH [Until Dawn]by untilmunroe
[HIGHEST RANKING: #3 IN UNTILDAWN] Two years after Hannah and Beth Washington's "disappearances"-and one year after the horrific events that took place at Blac...
  • climbingclass
  • untildawn
  • fanfiction
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bone zone (boyxboy) Wendigo!JoshxChris by oopsrobynn
bone zone (boyxboy) Wendigo! oopsrobynn
After the events of escaping the mountain where they lost Hannah and her sister, Beth, the group of friends had left Josh on the mountain. Chris can't bear the thought o...
  • fiction
  • wendigo
  • untildawn
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The reality I see. The reality I live in. /Chris x Josh /ONGOING by TheTruePotatoJesus
The reality I see. The reality I Alex Banks
Does Josh survive the sickness of the Wendigo blood that lives in his veins? Or does he get engulfed by the false reality that he constantly sees?
  • joshwashington
  • boyslove
  • chrisud
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I'm Not Giving Up on You by DrinkTheBeerAsh
I'm Not Giving Up on Youby A Bad Writer
(A Until Dawn story-Climbing Class) It has been weeks...months even, since the group escaped the hell of Blackwood Mountain, all for except on friend, the group promise...
  • jess
  • sad
  • wendigojosh
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Climbing Class oneshots by lasagnabastard
Climbing Class oneshotsby an absolute fool
I would say Until Dawn oneshots but there's only gonna be climbing class here and there's nothing you or I can do to stop that That's the best cover I have right now I'm...
  • gay
  • chrishartley
  • memes
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Look Around (Climbing Class High School AU) by tate-sky
Look Around (Climbing Class High Tate Sky
Chris and Josh are in high school
  • highschoolau
  • climbingclass
  • joshud
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kik (Josh x Chris)  by auntsusiesbeandip
kik (Josh x Chris) by auntsusiesbeandip
Jishwa: Chris Jishwa: Chris jishwa: CHRISTOPHER jishwa: HARTLEY chrisiscold: WHAT? WHY THE F ARE YOU TEXTING ME AT 4 IN THE MORNING? jishwa: watch your profanity chr...
  • kik
  • joshxchris
  • climbingclass
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My Shadow (Climbing Class: Until Dawn) by PeytonByPeyton
My Shadow (Climbing Class: Until PeytonByPeyton
Death and Josh. Chris could only think about these two things on a regular basis. Josh's possible death.
  • joshwashington
  • ashley
  • hannah
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Until Dawn- Back Again by ATotallyNormalHuman
Until Dawn- Back Againby ATotallyNormalHuman
Climbing Class- Chris finds Josh in the mines, and brings him home. But he wasn't prepared for the absolute madness that would result from his actions! Until Dawn doesn'...
  • chrisxjosh
  • christopherhartley
  • boyxboy
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Climbing Class One-Shots by GALEXY-wp
Climbing Class One-Shotsby Alex
I've written a couple of these and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I didn't want to make a separate story for them all, so I put them all here instead.
  • climbingclass
  • untildawn
  • chrishartley
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Brolieve In Me Bro (ClimbingClass One-Shot) by bluez2776
Brolieve In Me Bro ( Bluez2776
Josh and Chris are the best of friends. When Josh falls, Chris has to be there to help him. That's what makes them strong!
  • horror
  • memes
  • climbingclass
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Midnight Calls by Psiioniic
Midnight Callsby Nel
When Josh has a little too much to drink and calls Chris late in the middle of the night, a flirtatious conversation ensues and soon turns into a mooshy swapping of feel...
  • dirtytalk
  • chrisxjosh
  • josh
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Please Love Me (Climbing class/Josh x Chris) by Puffleluver14950
Please Love Me (Climbing class/ CURRENTLY ON HIATUS
Ridiculously problematic teen Joshua Washington hated his friend Ashley. Well, not really, but he was sure as hell jealous of her. Why you ask? Because his best friend C...
  • joshxchris
  • untildawn
  • climbingclass
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Hurts Like Hell (Climbing Class) by desperate4disney
Hurts Like Hell (Climbing Class)by Princy Quincy
I loved and I loved... And I lost you... ~or~ It had been three months, three weeks, six days, four hours, and thirty-two minutes since Chris got off that fucking mounta...
  • joshwashington
  • chris
  • untildawn
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Climbing Class One Shots by Illusion1331
Climbing Class One Shotsby Shattered Illusion
This is just a bunch of oneshots of Climbing Class (Josh x Chris from Until Dawn) Feel free to suggest ideas!
  • exorjosh
  • mike
  • climbingclass
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Miscellaneous One-Shots by SleepingSaints
Miscellaneous One-Shotsby are we alone?
Spillover one-shot stories Layout: Title of story |Ship name| Most of these stories are either not finished or thrown together at the end. They are stories from fandoms...
  • startrek
  • untildawn
  • cecilos
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Climbing Class by SoupJoond
Climbing Classby Elliot
Oh hi Hello I'm trash
  • untildawn
  • joshxchris
  • hurt
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