4/The A Team

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The bus slams to a stop and I glance out the window. I'm here. The week of memories begins and no revenge to worry about. Josh cancelled the whole prank last week.

I just want to see them again, I don't think I need to get them back for closure anymore.

I'm happy that this week will just be for remembering Hannah and Beth, no pranks. I want to see my friends again, maybe this week will make them call for once. I walk off the bus and up to the gate. There's a note from Chris saying the gate's busted.

"Fuck, I can't climb for shit," I mutter, but there's no harm in trying. After a couple attempts I'm finally am able to get over. I put in my headphones as I walk up to the cable car. The A Team comes up on shuffle and I left out a sad smile. Beth loved this song. Once I reach the building I see Chris's bag sitting on the bench with his phone sticking out. I'm tempted to snoop but use willpower to leave it alone.

"Caroline!" Chris says happily walking over to me.

"Christopher!" I say back as he pulls me into a hug.

"Holy shit, did you get a tattoo?!" He gasps poking behind my ear. I hold up my hair and revel a butterfly tattoo I got in honor of Hannah and Beth. It's a copy of the tattoo Hannah had on her arm.

"Yeah, it hurt like a bitch," I laugh.

'Wait until Ash sees that, she's gonna be so shocked," he says swinging his bag over his shoulder. My heart sinks at the thought of Ashley, she's one of my best friends but I know that I never stand a chance with Chris because of her. I don't hold a grudge against her because of it, it's not her fault who she likes and if they like her back. It just hurts to know that the guy you've liked since freshmen year is into someone else.

"Are you waiting for someone else to go up with?" I ask.

"I was gonna wait for Sam, but I think she can get up on her own," he smiles before stepping into the cable car. I sit down next to him.

"So what are your thoughts about coming back here?" Chris asks.

"I'm happy to be back, it feels like old times, and if it helps Josh get closure from his sisters," I trail off, not wanting to complete my sentence.

"Yeah, it feels kind of weird though, like when we walk into that lodge Hannah and Beth will be sitting right there."

"Yeah," I say sadly.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to kill the mood. How've you been?"

"Okay, how about you?"

"Alright, the first couple of months were kind of rough, but I talked to some friends a lot and they helped me through it," he tells me. I'm tempted to say lucky but my mouth stays shut.

"Who do you think is at the lodge?" I ask breaking the small amount of silence.

"Josh texted me and told me that Matt and Ashley are already there," he says.

"Oh." Well there goes my conversations with Chris once we get to the lodge, I might as well get my fix of him while I can, but it will never be enough. Being with him is like some sort of drug, except the drug doesn't know it's a drug so you have to be secretive. That sounded creepy.

"Whatcha thinking about?" He asks.

"Huh? Oh nothing, I kind of zoned out."

"I'm boring the Washington girl already," he laughs. I smile and my stomach flips. I hate what he does to my thoughts. He hasn't been invading my head this much in a while. I guess him ignoring me did something to my head for a little bit, but now that we're talking the wall that blocks thoughts of Chris has shattered. It will probably be raised again once this week is over. Once we stop talking again, once I feel destroyed again. The cable car comes to a stop and I feel sadness fill my chest.

"Shall we go to the lodge malady?" He asks extending his hand. I let out a forced laugh and take his hand. He lets go once we get out of the cable car, of course he did. He doesn't love me like I love him.
A/N- Song chapter was based off of The A Team by Ed Sheeran. I actually really like this chapter, it's also a little longer then my last two. The next chapter is almost a thousand words. I'll post that tomorrow. Thanks for reading  -floating_fangirl

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