Chapter 3

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"Good afternoon class." a tall male, who looked to be about in his 20's, said walking into the classroom. "My name is Mr. Kinch and I'll be filling in for Miss D this school year. Today I will be putting you into groups for a quick activity." A few students protested and he put his hand up "It's either that or you can go to the principals office." He replied making everyone be quiet.

I looked around the room to see who I could possibly end up with. I saw Luke sitting in the front of the classroom looking like he was about to fall asleep. As I kept looking my eyes landed on Jess next to Hunter. Great, now I'm in a class with two bullies.

Mr. Kinch began putting groups together and I prayed that I wouldn't be stuck with those two morons. 

"Next, we'll have Luke, Chachi, Jess and.. Hunter. Sit at the table in the left corner."

As if my day couldn't get any worse.

"Um Mr. Kinch" I say raising my hand "Can I please s-switch groups?"

I heard Jess snicker causing my cheeks to heat up.

"No you maybe not. Now get together with your classmates." the teacher replied.

Sighing I walked to the table and sat beside Luke. Across from us was Jess and Hunter.

"Don't worry about it just ignore them" Luke whispered to me. I gave a small smile and nodded.

"As long as you don't leave me alone with these idiots." I replied.

Mr. Kinch came over  to our table and gave us all a paper.

"Since I don't know any of you, and I'm sure you don't know anything about me, this will give us all a chance to learn about each other. Discuss these topics with the people I paired you with and we'll read them at the end of class" He announced to the class.

I looked up to see Jessica staring at me.

"So little miss Chachi" she said looking down at the paper "what did you do this summer?" 

I gulped. "I um, I babysat and I spent t-time with my family" I replied looking down.

"You sure?" she questioned tapping her pencil on the table "You didn't maybe spend the summer with your head in the toilet?"

Feeling heat rise to my cheeks again I looked up at her. I knew exactly where she was going with this. I didn't like it one bit. "No Jess I didn't"

She shook her head and leaned back in her chair. "I just don't understand how you did it. You don't look like yourself anymore"

"Leave it Jessica" Luke said defending me.

"Don't tell my girlfriend what to do." Hunter said standing up

"Maybe if you controlled your dog better I wouldn't have to" Luke shot back and stood up.

"What did you call her?" Hunter replied stepping closer to Luke.

I stood up and grabbed Luke's arm. First Kolby and now Luke, I can't keep having everyone defend me. "It's not worth it. I can take care of myself" I say looking up at Luke with pleading eyes. He sighed and shook his head.

"Whatever" he said sitting down.

Mr. Kinch made his way over to our table. "Is there a problem?"

"It's just that Chachi and Luke are terrible to work with so maybe Hunter and I can work on our own?" Jess replied

"Sure, I don't see a problem with that. Chachi and Luke you can work at the table in the front" he replied and walked away.

For the rest of class Luke and I worked together quietly, exchanging a few words here and there. Before the teacher could have us read our papers, the bell rang. I darted out of the classroom wanting to be far from those two. I walked to my locker, grabbed my bag and headed for the football field. With only one car and Mikey going to football practice I have to wait for him.  Plus, I never passed my driver's test.

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