Chapter 11

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"I saw her tonight." Matt said looking up at the stars.

I looked at him confused and frowned, "Saw who?"

He closed his eyes and let his feet touch the porch. We both needed fresh air so we came outside and sat on the porch swing. "That girl whose face is all over this town. I went outside to get some air earlier and sat on the ground. She must have not noticed me, she walked up to your house and just stood there staring at it. It's like she wanted to come inside but something was stopping her. A few people came out drunk and she took off down the street and disappeared."

We sat in silence swinging back and forth while listening to the rain. After almost a month of her missing she shows up and doesn't tell anyone. Her parents have been going crazy thinking she was somewhere dead.

I smelled like blood and alcohol. The party had finally ended, and everyone was gone, we left Hunter on the couch who passed out and my brother was cleaning up the mess everyone left before my mom comes home in the morning. The girls and Luke are either helping him or are already sleeping.

"You look like a bad ass with that bruise." He touched my cheek and I winced.

"I feel like a little bitch." I mumbled bringing the ice pack on my cheek and sipping on the coffee my brother made me.

This is not how I planned on spending my Halloween.

**Two days earlier**

I groaned and threw myself back on Mikey's bed. "Do we really need to have the party here? They're going to destroy our house. What if someone breaks into my room and has sex on my bed?" I said in disgust.

"At least someone will be getting some action in that room." Hunter mumbled. I threw a pillow at the back of his head and Mikey chuckled.

"Calm down Chachi," Mikey picked up his pillow and tossed it to me, "Hunter's mom said he can't have the party there anymore so I offered to have it here. Make sure you lock your door and you won't have anything to worry about. We're going to be leaving soon for the decorations if you wanna come with us."

"Can I invite the girls and Luke? We all need costumes."

Mikey hesitated but nodded his head and I took out my phone and messaged the group.

Me: Want to go costume shopping with Hunter and Mikey?

Kolby: omw

Luke: Erika and I will meet you guys there

Lacey: Don't leave without me!!

"Kolby and Lacey are on their way" I said walking out of the bedroom and into mine. I threw on a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and a cardigan. We waited on the couch in silence.

It's been around a month since I had that date with Noah. He decided it was best if we stayed friends, which I didn't complain about. We had a good time that night, but I can't see us ever dating.

After taking care of Jessica in the guest bedroom I woke up and she was already gone. We still see each other in school but always look the other way.

School has become quite peaceful besides the fact Laura is still nowhere to be found. I can't imagine what her parents are going through. The police have been doing everything that they can, but I think they're starting to give up, along with her parents. The police believe she either ran away or is in a 'better place'. Their words not mine.

"You bitches ready to go shopping?" Lacey said walking through the front door and plopping down next to me on the couch, Kolby stood in the doorway holding keys.

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