Chapter 6

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I couldn't sleep. The thought of finding Jessica a boyfriend was in my mind, as was Hunter. This is the most thinking my poor brain has done in a long time. There's no way Hunter will ever get back together with Jessica he simply doesn't want to be with her.

There's also no way Mikey will date her considering he's looking for his soulmate. I never knew that my brother had a soft spot. He walks around school like he's cool and he has a new girlfriend all the time. Hearing him say he can't find the right girl confused me last night, is he looking for a someone he's going to marry and grow old with? This was all so confusing.

I stood up and walked over to my window to the right of my bed. The sky had grey clouds but it didn't look like it had rained yet. There wasn't a single car in sight other than the ones that were parked in everyone's driveway. Across the street was a cute little red house with a swing on the front porch. I noticed on their front lawn a 'For sale' sign was sticking into their grass causing me to frown. Mr. and Mrs. Williams had been living there way before I was born, I grew up watching them do everything together. They're the cutest old couple I have ever seen before.

I walked away from the window and into my closet looking for today's outfit. I checked the weather on my phone, it's supposed to rain but also be really warm today. I settled on denim shorts and a plain white v-neck. I matched it with my black converse and threw my hair into a bun.

I ran downstairs and noticed my mom and brother must still be sleeping. Looking at the clock on the stove it was only 7 am, I still have another hour until I have to go to school. My stomach grumbled letting me know that I was starving since I didn't eat dinner yesterday.

I opened the fridge looking for something to eat but nothing looked appetizing. An idea popped into my head and I grabbed my house key and backpack that was by the front door. I walked outside and the warm air hit me while I locked the front door. My destination was only a 15 minute walk, within those 15 minutes I managed not to think of Jessica or Hunter. I enjoyed my peaceful walk when the Cafe came into view.

The bell hanging above the door rang as I pushed it open. I sat down in the far right corner which used to be my usual spot. Scanning over the Cafe there was only a few people there. An old couple eating, a man and a woman with a baby eating in the far left corner and a middle aged man reading the menu.

"Welcome to Katie's Cafe, Can I take your order?" I heard a familiar voice ask me. I slowly looked up to see Hunter standing in front of me with a pen and notepad in his hand. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants. Looking back at his face there was a smirk "Like what you see"

I blushed and looked away "What're you doing here? "

"Clearly I work here" he said rolling his eyes "Why are you here?"

"I used to come here all the time.. it's actually been a while. I'm really hungry I haven't eaten the past few days because I've been extremely busy with life. A lot has recently happened and I'm a bit confused with what to do ya know?" I rambled on not knowing when to stop talking "Of course you don't know I shouldn't expect someone good looking and popular to know how stressed out I am. I don't know why I just called you good looking I didn't mean it, not that you're ugly! You're not! I just, I don't even know." Sighing I banged my head onto the table.

"Well um.. So like.. What can I get you?"

I picked up my head and looked up at him, he stood there scratching the back of his head looking confused and uncomfortable.

"Can I have a coffee, chocolate chip waffles with cool whip on top, bacon, hashbrowns and some sausage please" I said with a small smile

"Few days? More like a few weeks" he said walking away. What can I say, it's been like three days since I've had a meal and it was the longest three days of my life. 

Not knowing how long it was going to take I decided to rest my head against the window and relax. I've been in school for a few days and the drama with Jess is making my head hurt. Why would Hunter lie? Why does Jess take her anger out on me? Who will be her perfect match? So many questions that I had no answers to.

Somewhere along my thinking I must have fallen asleep, a light smack on the back of my head made me jump right up. I looked up to see Hunter sitting across from me and chuckling. In front of me was my food and in front of him was eggs, bacon and toast.

"What are you doing?" I hissed touching my head. He sat there with a small smile on his face that made the butterflies in my stomach wake up.

"I thought we could eat and then go to school." He took a bite out of his toast and crumbs fell onto his shirt which he didn't seem to notice. "Now hurry up and eat we have to leave soon."

Without putting up a fight I started cutting into my waffles. It took me exactly ten minutes to shove all the food into my mouth and it took everything in me not to burp like a pig. I sat back in my seat and watched as Hunter was still eating his eggs and bacon, he looked so cute. He looked at me through his eyelashes catching me staring at him making me blush and look out the window.

Clearing his throat he stood up and grabbed both of our plates and taking them into the back kitchen. Grabbing my backpack I started walking towards the counter and getting my wallet out.

"No no no" Hunter said coming out of the kitchen "I already paid for it now lets go" Grabbing my wrist he lead me out the front door and into the parking lot.

"You didn't have to do that I have my own money." I frowned. We talked to his car and he opened the door for me "I'm not getting in, not after you fighting with Luke."

He rolled his eyes "Well I couldn't let him talk to her like that, if I didn't defend her then I would never hear the end of it." He stood there holding onto the door waiting for me to get in. "I don't have to pick you up again do I?"

I shook my head and got into his car and slamming the door hoping he'd know that I wasn't happy about this. Opening his door he jumped in. We buckled our seatbelts and he drove off towards our school.

"So why did you lie?" I asked breaking the silence.

"Huh? Lie about what?"

"Why did you lie to Jessica why couldn't you of just told her the truth or better yet tell her a different lie. Why did you have to bring me into this?"

Hunter sighed and his hand went through his brown hair. I watched then as his hands gripped the steering wheel and he glanced from the road to me then back to the road. 

"I didn't want to do it but I told you that I had no choice. She would never let me leave her this was my only option"

His words made me shake my head "You always have a choice. You didn't HAVE to lie and bring me into your problems you chose to do that."

It was his turn to shake his head "You'll never understand. I might of made the wrong choice but I did what I had to do. I really am sorry I dragged you into this but-"

"But you're not sorry enough to tell her the truth right?"

He stayed silent and pursed his lips. I looked into his eyes and they held no emotion which confused me. I sat there waiting for a response that I never got, instead it went back to a silent car ride which answered the question itself.

He wasn't sorry enough.

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