Chapter 1

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I stirred lightly in my bed trying to find the best position to block the sunlight that was hitting my face.

Sunlight means that my alarm will be ringing soon. It also means that I have a few minutes to kill with some sleep.

I sighed in satisfaction with the darkness I had met under my blanket. I drifted off, ready for sleep to take over.

To my dissatisfaction, my alarm blared Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless.

"So close but yet so far away" I said reaching for the alarm clock and turning it off. I'm so not a morning person. I snuggled deeper into my warm fluffy blanket, hoping for the world to take a hint and disappear.

"Chachi!" my mom yelled from down the hallway. "Get up or you're going to be late"

"I don't care" I yelled back at her. I heard her mumble something but couldn't quite hear under the fluff.

I heard my door creak open and a loud thud from my door banging against my wall. "Come on Chach you don't want to be late for your first day of Junior year do you?" I looked up to see my 17 year old brother, Mikey, standing at my door smirking. If you saw my brother and I together you would never be able to tell that we're related. He was around 5'10 with brown hair and brown eyes. He's pale and pretty muscular, probably because he's on the football team.

Me on the other hand, I'm 16, around 5'1 with black curly hair and brown eyes. My skin is tan and I'm not as muscular like Mikey.

"Go away please" I said irritated. Why couldn't I sleep for a few more minutes?

"Whatever I guess I'll just drive to school and you can walk"

I jumped up quickly. No way am I walking to school in this Georgia heat. "Ok ok I'll get ready just give me twenty minutes. Now get the hell out."

"Yes my princess." he said walking out of my room. I rolled my eyes and made my way towards my bathroom. I took a quick shower and walked into my closet. What to wear on the first day of school?

Considering how hot and humid it will be outside, I should settle for something that won't make me sweat like a pig.

Do I want to make a good impression? Do I wear something to get noticed or do I go with something that will make me look like a boy? When am I not indecisive.

I pulled on a pair of jean shorts, a black tank top and a light sweater. I threw my curly wet hair into a bun and put on a pair of white converse.

Grabbing my bag while running out of my room and down the stairs I ran into my mom.

"Wow you're so grown up" she said as tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"I'm just going to school mom," I said laughing lightly, "I'll be back in a few hours. I love you" I said pecking her on the cheek. I began walking out of the door and getting into Mikey's truck when my phone buzzed.

"Can't wait to see the new you! See ya soon hottie ;)

I laughed at Kolby's text and hopped into the truck.

Hopefully today goes well.

After a car ride with my brother saying I shouldn't be wearing such revealing clothes, we arrived to school with ten minutes to spare.

I jumped out of his truck saying a quick bye and started making my way towards the school. I looked for her face, pushing my glasses closer to my eyes as if it would give make my vision any different.

Within seconds I spotted her and was about to scream her name when suddenly, I fell face first onto the ground. I winced as my hands and knees made contact with the concrete and could hear someone laughing. Not just someone. The one girl I hated the most. Jessica. Of course, standing right beside her was her two sidekicks, Laura and Kayla.

"Watch where you're going fatty." Jess said smiling down at me. I glared at her while standing up and wiping the gravel off my hands and knees.

"Or how about for once you just leave her alone" a familiar voice said. I looked to see my best friend Kolby walking towards me.

"Whatever. Come on girls" Jess said walking away with Laura and Kayla following.

"It's so good to see you I missed you so much" I said hugging Kolby. Kolby had gone to New York to stay with her dad for the summer. Her dad had an affair with his coworker and when Kolby and her mom found out, they were broken. Her dad decided to move away with the woman he had the affair with. After her parents split up in middle school, they had given her two choices. One, live with her dad in New York and visit her mom in the summer. Two, live with her mom here and visit her dad in the summer.

After many crying sessions Kolby realized that she couldn't leave behind the life she had started here. Her dad was very understanding about the whole situation and had no issue with it.

"I missed you too. You look amazing!! You have so much to tell me but let's go get our schedules first" she said taking my arm and leading me to the school.

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