Chapter 7

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The rest of the car ride was silent, painfully silent. There was so much I wanted to ask him and so much I wanted to yell at him but I couldn't. All I could do was sit there staring at my hands in my lap and try not to cry. It hurt knowing he didn't feel sorry enough to tell Jessica the truth, he's hiding behind a lie that I have no choice but to deal with. I should of expected something like this from him but for some reason I keep getting this weird feeling in my stomach when I'm around him or when he comes into my thoughts. It's like I'm trying to see the good in him that no one else can see. Not even Jess.

We pulled up to the school and I jumped out without saying a word. I could feel people staring at me as he called after me, but I kept my head down hoping not to let the tears in my eyes spill. Walking through the entrance of school I made my way to the empty girls bathroom and locked myself in one of the stalls. I slid down to the floor and cried like a big baby.

I didn't cry because I was disappointed in him. I cried because Jess was going to do something to get back at me. It's bad enough my brother broke her heart and now I'm the reason behind her recent breakup. I keep repeating the same words in my head over and over again spending every second thinking of them. The warning bell rang and I didn't move from my spot. I didn't care if I was late to class, I didn't care about anything at this point. 

After the late bell rang I pushed myself off the ground and stood in front of the sink. My reflection in the mirror was horrifying. My eyes were all red and puffy, my nose looked like Rudolph's nose and my face was pale. I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to calm myself down.

The bathroom door swung open and standing there was Jessica and her two 'friends'. I made eye contact with Laura who had a guilty look on her face, she looked away.

"You don't ever know when to stop do you?" Jessica said. Before I had time to react Kayla grabbed my arms and brought them behind my back and pushed me against the sink. "Because of you my heart is broken. You're gonna pay for it."

I fought against Kayla's hold but it was useless she just tightened her grip on me. For a small girl she was pretty strong. I didn't put up much of a fight because I knew it would be useless, I didn't have it in me. Jessica grabbed my face and forced me to look at her.

"You're used to having your head in the toilet so this might not be so bad." She grinned and my eyes widened with fear.

"No p-please don't do this."

"Open the door Laura."

Laura looked between Jess and I with uncertainty "Do we really need to do this? What if we get into trouble."

"Do it Laura. Now." Jess said narrowing her eyes. "Or do you wanna be where she is instead?"

Laura walked over and opened the door to one of the bathroom stalls. I looked at her with pleading eyes but she didn't look at me, she stared down at her shoes.

"Jess I didn't do anything please do-don't do this!" More tears formed in my eyes knowing there was nothing that could stop this from happening. Laura wouldn't help, Jess would never stop and knowing my luck nobody would walk in.

"Enjoy your swim" Jess said. I felt her hand on the back of my head and she pushed my head down into the toilet. I closed my eyes and held my breath as she flushed the toilet over and over again. Even with my head in the toilet I could hear Jess' laugh. Time seemed to be going by slowly. Not being able to hold my breath any longer I opened my mouth letting toilet water into my mouth. My head was let go of and I pushed off of the toilet coughing.

"You're not better than me and you never will be. He'll come back to me, he just needs time to realize how special I am." 

They all walked away and I sat there crying next to the toilet. First Hunter and now Laura. She had every opportunity to tell Jess the truth and she didn't. My friends know the truth but Jessica would never listen to them, if it's not Hunter or Laura telling her then my life is going to be hell.

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