Chapter 5

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"Yeah that's my name." She said rolling her eyes. She was now leaning out of her car window and was no longer driving.

I stood there confused not knowing what to say. What could Laura possibly want? Did she just follow me so she could insult and bully me?

"Get in" 

Her words shocked me and I shook my head "What?"

"You heard me, get in the car." Sensing I was nervous she rolled her eyes "I'm not going to do anything I just want to talk to you." 

Hesitating I walked to the passenger side and got in. "What do you want?" I said facing her.

She started driving and turned off the radio. "It's about Jess. Although I'm glad she's not with Hunter anymore she's hurt over it. She's so bitter and such a bitch." I rolled my eyes, since when was she not bitter and a bitch? "I need your help getting them back together."

My eyes widened at what she had said. Get them back together? How do we get two people together when one of them doesn't want to be?

"I don't know but we'll figure it out." She replied. I blushed not even realizing that I was talking out loud.

"Who said I was going to help you?" I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at her. Shock covered her face and then was replaced with a smirk.

"If you don't help me I'll make sure Jessica ruins your life forever. You'll regret your entire existence." I gulped at her threatening words knowing she meant what she had said.

"Fine I'll help you... but what about Hunter? He'll never agree to this." She sighed knowing what I said was true. He had to lie just to get out of their relationship. An idea came into my head and I snapped my fingers.

"I have an idea!" I said excited. The car came to a stop and we we're outside of  my house. "How do you know where I live?"

"Jess kind of made me learn everything there is about you. I've stalked you a few times." My eyes widened.

"Y-you stalked me? What the hell!" She laughed and shook her head.

"Calm down it's not a big deal. I enjoyed it considering I got to see your hot brother." I cringed at what she said about my brother and she laughed again. "What's your idea?"

I shook my head hoping to forget  that she thinks my brothers hot. "Maybe we can find her a new boyfriend, like there's so many guys in our school who are obsessed with her and her looks. It honestly can't be that hard." I said shrugging

"Jess is picky. She really fell in love with your brother and not just for his looks. With Hunter she dated him for his looks and started to love him, but never fell in love."

"Well what if we get my brother to date her again?"

She sat there thinking hard. I knew that it wasn't the best idea but it's all I could come up with. Between my brother and Hunter there were no other good looking people. No, I'm not saying my brother is good looking but since that's all people tell me I just go with it. Mikey will always look like a toad to me.

Fingers snapped in front of my face taking me out of my thoughts.

"Earth to Chachi! Are you there?" Laura said annoyed

"Yeah?" I looked at her and she sat back in her seat.

"I don't think your brother would want to do it. If for some reason your plan doesn't work we need a back up plan, we need a backup boyfriend for Jess." I nodded knowing she was right.

"We'll find someone don't worry. Let's just give it some time so we can find the right guy for her. Here" she said pulling out her black iPhone 7 plus "Take my number so that way we can text in case we come up with an idea." 

I agreed and pulled out my rose gold iPhone 6s plus, typing in her name and number. I thanked her for the ride and went inside.

I ran upstairs into my room and changed into a pair of black shorts and a plain blue t-shirt. I snuggled into my blankets and took a nap, my favorite thing in the world.

As I was peacefully sleeping I heard a knock on my door. Groaning I put a pillow over my head hoping the person knocking would take a hint and leave. Instead I heard my door being open and I shot up from my bed throwing a pillow.

"Thank god you're not on the basketball team your aim sucks." my brother said chuckling.

"Did you come in here to insult my skills or do you have something to say?" I asked crossing my arms. He stood at my door looking sweaty and tired.

"No, I came in here to ask where you went after school. I waited for you and you never showed up I was worried." He sat on my blue chair pushing his hair off his forehead.

"I decided to walk I didn't want to wait for you."

"Oh okay." He got up and started walking towards my door.

"Mikey?" I said and he turned around


"Do you ever think about dating again.. You haven't dated since Jessica and I was just wondering why." I said getting up and stretching.

He chuckled. "I've been thinking about dating Melanie but she isn't the right one, neither was Jess. I can't seem to find the right girl." He shrugged "Why?"

"So you never think about getting back together with Jessica?"

"No. Why are you asking me Chach?" 

I shook my head "It's nothing forget I said anything." 

He sighed and opened my door "Night" and closed my door behind him.

I sighed knowing my plan was a fail. We had to find Jess a new boyfriend and we had to do it fast.

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