Chapter 8

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After watching football practice with Laura yesterday she hugged me and said she'd see me on Monday. Hunter kept trying to talk to me but I ignored him and waited for my brother by his car. Mikey knew something was going on but he didn't question either one of us. We drove home in silence and I locked myself in my room for the rest of the day.

It was currently a sunny Saturday afternoon. I sat at my desk with History notes, index cards and highlighters in front of me preparing for the 'pop quiz' on Monday. It's not really a pop quiz if he tells us when we take it but he likes to call them that. The doorbell rang interrupting my studying. 

"Mikey someone's at the door!" I yelled to my brother, I highlighted some of my notes and the door bell rang again, again, and again. I sighed throwing down the blue highlighter and went downstairs "Where the hell is he" I muttered and opened the door. Hunter stood there looking down at his phone and looked up once I opened the door opened. A smirk appeared on his face.

"Are you stalking me? I thought I made it clear when I said to leave me alone." I hissed at him holding the door now halfway open.

"Who said I was here to see you? I'm here for Mikey he invited me over yesterday." His smirk never left his face.

My cheeks heated up from embarrassment. "Oh.. I don't know where he is." I opened the door wide enough for him "Come in." He walked past me and into my living room and I followed. "What exactly did he invite you over for?" I asked taking a seat on the sectional.

He shrugged, "Told me to come chill with him." I nodded my head and we fell into uncomfortable silence. "Maybe you could go get him?"

My cheeks heated up again "Sure" I got up and started walking up the stairs.

"Cute jammies!" He called out to me. I looked down at my ridiculous outfit. Hello kitty shorts with a black tank top, not to mention my fuzzy blue and white socks. I shook my head and knocked on my brothers door.

"Mikey?" No answer. I knocked louder "Hello?" Still no answer. Sighing I opened the door and found a clean empty bedroom. On his pillow was a light blue sticky note. I picked it up and saw writing on it. 'Had to go somewhere, keep my friend busy.' That's weird, he trusted Hunter to be alone with me. Aren't older brothers supposed to be overprotective and chase away guys? I rolled my eyes at the thought of him being overprotective. Yeah that's definitely not going to happen. 

I walked into my bedroom after throwing away the sticky note. I changed into a pair of ripped jeans and kept on my black tank top and fuzzy socks. There was a soft knock on my door and it slowly opened. I turned around and saw Hunter standing there looking uncomfortable.

"I didn't mean to barge in but it's really creepy downstairs." He said and shuddered. I laughed at how creeped out he got from my living room. My mom has an obsession with cats, all kinds of cats, ever since she was a little girl. She had a cat when she was a child and hers got pregnant and had 5 kittens. Ever since then she's loved them. The living room walls was full of cat pictures. Some were cats we've had in the past and some were photos she found off of google. I personally choose to ignore them because if I don't I'd never be able to sit in that room.

"You have a cool room." he said snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked around my room with him. My walls are grey and are covered in all kinds of things. Pictures of me and Kolby, my brother and mom, even a picture of my dad. I had Christmas lights hanging around my room making it look peaceful. Fuzzy chairs, a desk, side table with drawers and lamps on both sides of my bed, a bathroom and walk in closet, my bay window that had books right next to it. I spend a lot of time in my room so I decided to make it cozy and beautiful. 

"Thanks." I said with a small smile. I looked over at him and he kept his eyes on my room, specifically my pictures. He was wearing black pants with a grey t-shirt. His hair was messy making it look like he just rolled out of bed. He glanced over at me and walked over to my pictures and I followed.

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