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I slammed my locker shut and pulled my backpack over my left shoulder, holding it close to me. It was the very last day of sophomore year and I could not wait to spend my summer sleeping and crying over romantic novels and movies.

This school year has been the longest one so far. Everyday went by slowly and it was pure torture. I look forward to spending my summer alone and babysitting.

As I walked down the packed hallway my phone buzzed in my pocket letting me know I had a new text message.

I pulled it out and saw it was a message from my older brother letting me know he'll be waiting in the parking lot with his friends. I quickly wrote a reply letting him know I'll be there in a few minutes.

I wasn't paying attention while I was texting and ran right into someone, sending me to the ground. My phone flew out of my hands and scattered across the hallway floor. I watched it closely hoping no one would accidentally step on it.

"You nerd!" I heard someone screech. I quickly looked up at the familiar voice and gasped at what my lack of attention had caused.

Jessica stood above me with spilled coffee all over her pink blouse. It slowly dripped from her chest and down onto the floor. The hallway suddenly became silent and everyone was frozen in their spot, including me.

I could hear the thumping of my fast heart beat and held my breath, hoping no one else would hear.


Like most basic high school movies and novels there is always a queen bee who is considered a protagonist. I always thought Jessica's only existed in movies and books.

Clearly I was wrong.

In my high school, Jessica Brown was the protagonist. She was your basic leader, someone that had every boy falling to her feet and every girl dreaming of being in her position.

Messing with Jessica in any type of way was never a good idea. Unless you wanted the rest of your high school years to be ruined, it would be a smart idea to avoid her at all costs. Although I was like most nerds and kept away from her, it did nothing to change the situation I had been dealing with since freshman year.

Our friendship Jessica had created with me and my best friend ended quicker than I was prepared for, and I was dealing with the backlash of it every single day.

"You're gonna pay for that little piggy" she said in a low voice. She glared down at me with her piercing blue eyes. "You thought you had it bad now? I'm going to make you question why you were ever brought into this world" She proceeded to dump the rest of her coffee over my head.

The coffee wasn't as hot as I expected it to be, but still hot enough to make my eyes sting with tears. She dropped the coffee cup next to me and began to laugh.

"Someone needs a shower" she mumbled, but loud enough for others to hear

People in the hall laughed at what she had said, while some looked at me with pity in their eyes. All I could do was keep my head down so others couldn't see I was close to my breaking point.

"Seriously Jessica?"

I looked up to see my brother pushing through the crowd, looking more pissed off than my best friend Kolby who was following close behind.

Kolby pushed through the crowd quicker and helped me off the floor "It's okay now" she said quietly, wrapping an arm around me "Let's get you home"

I nodded my head and walked towards my phone that was still on the ground. As I walked the halls remained silent. My brother stood between Jessica and I, making sure she didn't make another move on me. Kolby stood with her arms crossed over her chest and gave Jessica her meanest look.

I reached for my phone but a tan ankle boot made it before me, smashing the screen on my phone. My eyes widened at the sight in front of me as I heard laughing begin once again.

"That's it!" My best friend shouted. She lunged at Kayla who had smashed my phone. My brother held back Kolby while I picked up my phone quickly. I walked to Kolby and tugged on her arm, dragging her through the crowd and down the hallway with me.

"That fucking whore!" she screamed as we made it out into the student parking lot. "I just want to run them all over with a school bus!" she continued to shout cuss words and I smiled at her terrible vocabulary.

"Are you okay?" I heard Mikey ask. He jogged to where Kolby and I stood. He looked less angry and more concerned about my wellbeing.

"Yeah I just want to go home" I muttered, walking towards his truck. He nodded without questioning further.

We all got into his truck, not saying a word. We dropped Kolby off at her house and continued on our way home.

"I'm always here for you" My brother said quietly. He kept his eyes on the road but I could see the sad look on his face. When Jessica treats me badly he always takes the blame for it and feels that if he didn't break up with her then my life would have been different.

"You know it's not your fault right?" I said to him, also keeping my eyes on the road. We can be very emotional siblings so I knew better than to make eye contact with him. We both might burst into tears and then crash his truck on accident.

He stayed quiet for a moment and that had answered my question. No matter what he'll never be able to forgive himself. Deep down I know he agrees with me, but when he sees me being bullied and picked on he can't help but feel as if it's all his fault.

He sighed and pulled into our driveway. He parked the truck but we both didn't move.

"If there's anything you want me to do then I'd be glad to do it. Beat a few guys up, buy you new makeup or clothes, literally anything you ask for then I'll do it."

I smiled at how sweet my brother was. I would never ask him to do me any kind of favor when it's not necessary. If I need or want any materialistic things I could easily get it myself, but what I wanted was something that could be life changing.

He reached for the door handle and my hand shot out to stop him. His eyebrow was raised at me and I knew if I didn't say it now then it would never happen.

"Help me lose weight" I said desperately. He seemed taken aback, staring at me like I had been speaking a foreign language

"You don't have to change just for people to like you. Everyone should accept you for who you are. You're an amazing person with a huge heart. You deserve nothing but happiness, and you need to do what makes you happy. Don't do what makes others happy."

I closed my eyes and shook my head. "It's not for others Mike, it's for me. I've lived with my body like this for almost two years. I hate having to look in the mirror every day and see that my stomach hangs or that I can't even see my feet. It's time I make a change for myself. This is something that will make me happy. I love you and I appreciate all of your kind words but this is something I need to do for myself, not anyone else. I'll do whatever you say, eat healthy, exercise, take those stupid Flintstone vitamins. Just please give me your support on this"

He chuckled and nodded his head. I knew that Mikey would be taking in the information and figuring out if this would be a good thing or not. He looked at me with uncertainty but finally caved in when I started to let my tears fall.

"Okay okay, I'll do it. We're doing things the right way though. No more junk food, soda, fast food. We exercise 5 days per week, drink 40 oz of water, work on building some muscle on your arms and get your 8 hours of sleep. Also no overdoing it. I don't want you pushing yourself and exercising too much. It'll take time, but I think you'll be able to reach your average weight by the beginning of the school year."

"Thank you!" I exclaimed over and over again, giving him a big hug and choking him

"Anything for you Chach, just don't suffocate me before I even get a chance to help you" He said in a strained voice.

"Right, sorry!" I said letting go of him.

Looks like my romantic movies and novels will be waiting just a bit longer.


Since I'm feeling extra and avoiding writing a 5 page essay on the Civil  War, I decided to add a prologue :) New chapter coming soon!

- ShyGal_13

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