Chapter 10

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The school week had gone by quickly. The girls and I woke up late Monday morning and the boys thought it was a good idea to leave without us. We ended up having to walk and missed first period and half of second.

Hunter has been avoiding me like I had some sort of disease. He'd glance at me in class, lunch and at football practice. The only reason I knew that was because I've also been glancing at him every day. Everything he's ever said to me has been replaying in my head like a record. His compliments, telling me not go out with Noah and now he wants to act like I don't even exist? He has got to be the most confusing boy ever.

After school Mikey still gives me a ride home but Luke has been tagging along. Erika drives herself home while Luke comes over to hang out with my brother, they're kind of becoming best friends.

Jessica and Kayla have not bothered me, it's like they've also been avoiding me. Or it could be the fact that Laura hasn't been in school all week. No one has seen or heard from her since the previous school week which isn't normal. Her parents filed a missing persons report and there's flyers all over town.

I sighed and rubbed my tired eyes. History has got to be the most boring subject ever. It used to be so interesting to me and I'd get excited to come to class but this teacher makes it unbearable. He constantly has us watching videos instead of actually teaching us and giving us real work to do, taking notes is my favorite thing to do.

My eyes closed as I rested my head on my desk, today he has us watching a video on ancient civilizations of the Americans, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. We've actually been watching this video all week while filling out a bunch of worksheets which I've been copying off of Luke. Although I enjoy school and learning it's like this teacher doesn't even try and neither am I.

I felt something hit my forehead and I opened my eyes to a piece of paper crumbled into a ball on my desk.

What're you wearing tonight?

I glanced around the classroom and noticed Noah looking back at me and I frowned.

What do you mean? I wrote and threw it back. He shook his head before writing something down and throwing it back at me.

For our date tonight, remember?

I gasped loudly earning glares from a few students. I mumbled an apology before taking out my phone and texting the group about meeting at my house after school. How could I forget that todays Friday? Before I got a chance to write back to him the teacher called me outside of the classroom. I grabbed my books and walked out of the classroom and faced him.

"The principal said to go to his office." he said giving me a tight smile.

My eyes widened "B-but I haven't done anything, oh my god am I in trouble? Am I going to be expelled? Wow this has never happened before do I need to call my mom? This is all happening so fast I do-" He put his hand up silencing me.

"He didn't say why he just wanted me to tell you, now go before he calls me again and don't panic."

I nodded and began walking to his office. It's located on the opposite side of the school which means it should be a 4 minute walk. I focused on controlling my breathing and trying to remember everything bad that I've done in my life. The only thing I could come up with was sneaking out of my house to hang out with Kolby and drinking some wine that my mom gave me on holidays, but I don't think that counts.

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