Mafia King//16//

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(Ryan's P.O.V.)

"The sand is hot." Autie complained. I had offer to carry her but she said she wanted to walk. Which honestly scared me. I never thought Autie would turn down a free ride from me. But by now everyone has had enough of her whining, so I scooped her up in my arms without so much as a warning.

She glared at me. "I said I wanted to walk."

I kissed her nose which softened her gaze a little. "And I said stop complaining."

Sighing, she laid her head in my chest and gaze around the beach. It took us about five minutes to walk here and the whole time Autie was saying how her feet burned because she refused to wear shoes. Rachel had told her who take her shoes but Autie only shook her head and kept walking. For about thirty seconds she aloud Austin to give her a piggy back ride before she said she wanted to walk again.

Andrew and Rachel set down the towels in the middle of an open area in the beach. It was slightly chilly today so there weren't as many people at the beach. I set Autie down on a towel while I laid down next to her. Austin ran over to the water where a group of girls were.

"We're gonna go down to the water. Wanna come with us?" Andrew asked me, grabbing Rachel's hand.

I looked over at Autie to ask her but instead of looking at them and answering she flipped down on her stomach. "We'll meet you down there." I shrugged. Andrew nodded knowingly and left Autie and I on the towels.

I sat down next to her and started rubbing her shoulders. "You okay baby?" I asked, taking off my shirt and putting it besides our towel.

She nodded and handed me sunscreen lotion. "Yeah I'm fine. Can you please put this on my back."

"Of course!" I agreed happily, knowing that she wanted to talk to me again. As I started to rub it on her back I noticed jealous looks from a group of passing men. I smirked knowing that I can claim her as mine when guys look at her. That's why I don't get why Autie was upset when those girls were staring at me. You should be proud that people find your girlfriend/boyfriend attractive! I guess it's just another stupid girl thing.

She finally stood up a few minutes after I finished rubbing sunscreen on her. "Let's go down to the water." She smiled pulling me up from the ground.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her as close to me as possible. Hoping she wouldn't pull away from me. But she didn't. In fact she decided to hop into my arms instead of walking.

"Shit!" I yelled when I stepped on a million tiny seashells. She jumped out of my arms and stood in front of my staying clear of the seashells at the same time though.

"Aww! Baby are you okay?" She stood on her tiptoes and gave me a peck on the lips.

I coughed slightly nervous and shrugged, even though i was still in excruciating pain. "Yeah. It actually didn't hurt that much."

She rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Yeah okay. Your so cute." She cooed before swimming/running over to Rachel and Andrew.

I glared and started following her. "I'm not cute. I'm fucking manly."


(Dylan's P.O.V.)

Miles, Logan, and I walked down the parking lot and towards the beach. Earlier, Ryan had texted me and said that Autie seemed mad at him so I decided to take the guys down to the beach. Just to check up on them.

The thing is, my brother is an extreme player. He treats girls like a tissue. He uses them once then throws them away without a second thought. He's never really had a serious girlfriend before like Autie. So I had to make sure that everything stayed okay with them. Plus, Autue was my friend, I don't want her to be upset.

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