Mafia King//4//

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"Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes Dylan." I said gratefully stepping out of the bathroom in the dry clothes she gave me.

"No problem! my brother can be a real ass sometimes. We all learn that at some point in our lives." she chuckled, sitting on the bed next to Myah.

"Dylan can I braid you hair?" Myah ask.

Dylan motioned with her hand, allowing Myah to do whatever. Myah sat behind Dylan and played with her red hair. I started brushing through my hair and put it into a nice braid that laid of my shoulder.

"You do realize what your getting into right?" Dylan suddenly asked.

I looked at her confusingly. "What?"

she sighed. "Dating my brother isn't really going to be easy. You know why right?" she gave me a hopeful look, like she was actually warning me about something important.

"What? Oh God no! I am not dating Ryan! and I never will!" I exclaimed. although that thought isn't that revolting to me as it had been before. When I first met him I will admit I thought he was handsome but I never really thought of liking him in that way. oh my god listen to me. I sound like some emotional high school student. Its freshman year all over again..

"Are you sure?" Dylan raised an eyebrow at me. "He obviously likes you and you act as if you like him back. And plus, I know my brother. He can get any girl to like him."

"Okay so what your saying is that he's a man-whore?" I ask optimistically.

she laughed. "No trust me. My brother is a lot of things but he's definitely not a man-whore."

we sat there in silence for a bit. except I liked the silence. talking about these kind of things isn't what I do often. I mostly just talk about Rachel's funny sex experiences, and talk about annoying people we meet at places like shops or diners. ive maybe talk about tis stuff once since I moved to South Carolina.

"If you don't mind me asking, why would it be trouble if I did start dating him?" I said suddenly.

Myah and Dylan got really quiet and still. finally Myah answered me. "Why don't you just go ask Ryan what he does for a living." Dylan elbowed her friend in the ribs, signaling for her to stop talking.

I stared at the two. "I might do just that." I concluded.


I knocked on the door to Ryan's bedroom. the door was cracked open but I still didn't want to just walk in. "Come in!" Ryan called.

I walked in and saw Tyler, Logan, and Ryan sitting on the bed. all of their faces lit up when they saw me. "What do you need, ill do anything!" Tyler practically yelled.

I winced at his loud voice. "Actually I was here for Ryan." I said sort of shyly. Tyler frowned but the other boys laughed.

"And he's out!" Logan said in a fake sports announcer's voice. Tyler stomped out of the room and pushed past me on the way out.

Ryan, who was still laughing for some reason came up and wrapped an arm around my waist. "And this, is why your the best girl in the world."

I shook my head to clear all thoughts. "Wait, what just happened here?"

both boy shut up and looked at each other. "Nothing!" After a slight pause Ryan spoke. "So, uh, what do you need?"

I thought for a second. "Oh uh, nothing it can wait for later. Have you seen my phone anywhere?"

Ryan and Logan shuffled through the bed the bed till they found my phone. Logan handed it to me and I thanked him.

"I'm gonna head home. Rachel's probably worried about me." 'And I gotta kick Alec's ass'

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