Mafia King//7//

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"Rachel are you ready to go?" I called through the halls of the apartment.

"Yeah! I just have to look perfect!" she yelled back.

I walk over to her and hugged her. "You always looks perfect Rachel." I smiled.

ever since Rachel started school, people judged her. they  made fun of her mom, who was arrested for murder. And they made fun of her not having a dad. He left them before Rachel was born. And as we grew older people called her ugly and a slut. So instead of making the insults stop she decided to make them true. So I've always introduced my friends to Rachel and if they don't like her or they are mean to her, I stop being their friend. Cause if you don't like Rachel, you don't like me either.

she smiled and grabbed the car keys. "Can I drive?"

"Sure, but if you scratch my baby, your going to have to find a new place to live." we laughed, but the thing is, we both new I was serious. I got a Lamborghini  for my twentieth birthday, and Rachel is a horrible driver. How do you think this is going to end?


Dylan and Myah were sitting in front of the house in their swimsuits. They were tanning out on their lawn chairs.

"Hey." they said in unison 

"Hey, Dylan this is Rachel.  Rachel this is Dylan. She's Ryan's sister."

they shook hand while the two got off of the lawn chairs and put them away in a shed by the side of the house. "So the boys are out back swimming if you guys want to come back. You remembered to where your swimsuits right?" We both nodded.

"Okay well Ryan, Andrew, and Miles will be here in an hour they just had to take care of something." She explained, looking mostly to Rachel than me.

the four of us went out back through the gate. we walked through a garten before we came to the pool area. When we walked up to the pool Myah immediately jumped in and splashed all the boys.

"Come on Rachel! Get in!" Myah called.

Rachel laughed and slipped her cover up off. All the boys in the pool stared at her as she jumped in next to Myah.

"Guys, that's Rachel, my best friend. Dylan said we could swim with our guys for a bit."

Tyler, of course, was the first one to go up to Rachel. He was wearing a smirk and looking her up and down. Rachel looked uncomfortable but smiled at him.

"Hey babe. I'm Tyler. Also known as you future booty call. Cause I'm assuming you already have a boyfriend?"

Rachel was t smiling anymore. She just looked uncomfortable. She may like to have sec but there are some guys that just creeped her out. "Yeah sure."

Dylan pulled me aside closer to the house and farther away from the pool. "Ryan told you about, the thing, right?"

"Yeah he told me this morning when we were texting."

She nodded her head. "Ok. And if you don't already you should probably know that the rest of the boys are also apart of the thing." Her voice turned to a whisper at the end of her sentence.

"Ok." Is all I said.

She gave me an uncertain look. "And your not scared or nervous in front of us? Cause usually people are."

"No. You guys wouldn't do anything to hurt me. And if you guys did, Ryan would probably kill all of you." I joked.

We chuckled before Dylan continued. "Ryan and the others will be back in 5 minutes." She told me.

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