Mafia King//5//

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"Yes mom, I'm fine." I smiled over the phone. I told my mom what happened between Alec and I.

"You know, I've never liked that douche." My mom snorted.

"Anyways.. How's dad? Is he getting better."

She sighed. "They let him out of the hospital yesterday but he's having trouble moving around the house."

"Well, just hang in there mom. Everything will be fine.  Tell dad I love him and hope he feels better."

"Alright sounds good sweety! Love you!"

"Love you too!" I said, hanging up the phone.

I turned to Rachel. "You wanna go to the food court?I'm kind of hungry." We were at the mall searching for clothes. Cause when we moved here we realized how we had barely any clothes.

She shrugged. "Sure why not." We headed down the escalator to the food court. Rachel went to go get our food at Panda Express while I went to go find us some seats. As usual it was packed. that's how the food court always is. Cause you know, us Americans need are fat foods to reach the end of our day.

"Okay here ya go." Rachel said coming to the table I sat down at. "I got you the usual. Orange chicken and the noodle stuff."

"The noodle stuff?" I chuckled mocking her.

every time we came to the mall during lunch we get Panda Express. If we came at dinner time we McDonalds. we both would share a large fry, I would get the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and she would get Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and we would share a large coke.

but in this case I get the Orange Chicken and the noodles, Rachel would get the Orange Chicken and a cookie, and we would share a large sweet tea.  Rachel refused to eat noodles though. Cause when she was little her brother used to force her to eat worms and the noodle shape remind her of those horrid moments.

"So I heard you talking on the phone with your mom. What's wrong with your dad?"

I narrowed my eyes questionably at her. "Oh, I didn't tell you." when she shook her head I continued. "He got in a car accident on his way to work. But the good thing about all this is that the person who hit him was a guy who was wanted for a long time. He stole a car when he ran into my dad. Since the guy was hurt he couldn't move which allowed the police to get him. The cops were so happy they offered to pay all the hospital bills." I explained

"Oh my god! is your dad okay?" Rachel gasped.

I nodded. "Yeah he broke a leg and the steering wheel his chest pretty hard before the airbag shot out. But other than that he's fine. He just got out of the hospital yesterday and he starting to move around the house on his crutches."

she nodded in understanding. She started looking around the food court and letting her gaze wonder before her eyes grew. "I'm full, are you full? lets go shop some more." she said in a rush.

"What's wrong? you never want to stop eating this soon." I tried to search through our area to see what was wrong. When I couldn't see anyone important I turned back to her. She was throwing the trash away on both of our trays.

"Rachel! what is the prob-" I stopped what I was saying when I saw the only person I wouldn't want to see. Anyone but this person would be okay.

"Should I say something to the cheating asshole or are we just going to go shopping some more?" Rachel asked, crossing her arms.

I shook my head while dragging her to a store. "We don't have anything to say to Alec."

"oh trust me," Rachel glared. "I have some things to say  to him."


we walked out of Starbucks with our Grande Mocha Frappe and chocolate cake pops. That's what we always get when we go there.

"Where to now?" Rachel looked towards me then glanced towards hot topic , hinting for me to choose there.

I chuckled. "You know, "I'm kind of in the mood for Hot Topic."

that's literally all she needed to hear. she didn't even glance in my direction before she darted off towards the store. By the time I got in the store, she already had a batman hat and five band t-shirts. rolling my eyes and smiling I stepped to the back of the store to look for t-shirts and maybe some shorts.

while Rachel was checking her stuff out, I fund two band t-shirts. one for Black Veil Brides and the other one was Falling In Reverse. next I found a pair of shorts a few holes in them. But the best thing I found was a pair of bracelets. One of them was pink and in black lettering said: "He annoys the shit out of me" followed by a black heart. and the other one was a light blue and it also had black lettering that said: "Yeah, pissing her off is kind of my thing" followed by another black heart. if these weren't perfect for Ryan and I, I don't know what is.

when I got to the cashier to buy my stuff I, was surprised to see Myah standing behind the counter on her phone. "Myah?!" I exclaimed.

"Autie? oh! hey!" she greeted. "What's up haven't seen you in a few days!" she twirled her hair in her fingers and chewed on her gum.

"Just having a shopping day with my friend Rachel." I looked around the store and saw her texting on her phone. "Rachel come here! I want you to meet someone." Rachel slid her phone in her pocket and came over to Myah and I. "Rachel this is Myah, one of Ryan's friends. Myah this is Rachel, my best friend."

they shook hands and smiled at each other. "Hi nice to meet you." Rachel said.

Myah examined the bracelets. "Oh these are cute. Who's getting what bracelet?"

I smiled, happy that she noticed my favorite item. "Actually I was going to give this one to Ryan and keep the other one." I said pointing to the blue bracelet.

she smirked at me, then at Rachel. "Her and Ryan have a thing going on."

I glared playfully at both of them. "We do not have a "thing" going on! we're just friends, and its true, he does like to piss me off. That's why I'm getting us these bracelets, not because I like him."

"But you do like him in that way?" Rachel tested.

I sighed and laughed. "I'd like a new cashier please." I teased.

Myah held a hand to her heart and smiled back at me. "Ouch. That hurt."

we made small talk about things while she was slowly checking out my stuff. I didn't mind it taking so long. It was nice to have a friend other than Rachel. And nobody else was in the store so its not like people were waiting on us.

"You two, Dylan, and I should get together sometime and do something." Myah suggested handing me my bags. "You already have Dylan's number right?" she asked me.

"Yeah but I still need yours. You should give it to Rachel also Myah enter her information into my contacts and Rachel did the same afterwards.

as we exited the store I called to Myah, "Tell Dylan and the boys I said hi!"

she gave me a thumbs up before greeting the costumer that entered right as we exited. "where to now?" I asked glancing at Kohl's.

she laughed at my mockery. "Message received Autie."

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