Mafia King//6//

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Rachel's P.O.V.

I placed the bowl down in front of Autie and she started eating instantly. I guess she was still a little hungry from when I threw away our Panda Express. I felt kind of bad about it but I didn't want to risk Alec seeing us. Cause I knew if I ever talked to that bitch again, he would be crying till next week.

I still cant believe someone would hurt Autie like that.. Everyone likes Autie! she nice, and funny, and caring, and she's one of those people who likes to pay attention to your little detail instead of your obvious ones. she's also beautiful, and smart, and she always knows not to go to far when joking.

the thought of someone breaking her heart makes me question everyone I meet. I know Ryan wouldn't do that. Every time she talks about him its nothing but good things. she always says how nice he is to her. and how funny he is. and how he put her before anyone else, even though they "aren't dating".  she just amazing and I never realized she would be enough love for someone.

"So that Myah girl is nice." I smiled warmly.

she smiled back with a mouthful of food. "I know right! she's dating one of Ryan's friends. His name is Dean. He's nice too. They make such a cute couple." food fell out of her mouth as she was talking.

"Classy Autie. Real classy." I loved Autie so much. When she said she wanted me to move out here with her I didn't hesitate to say yes. Living with my best friend has been a dream come true. Mostly because I don't have parent to piss me off but you know.

"Who's Dylan?" I asked.

Autie wiped her mouth with a napkin before answering. "She's Ryan's sister and Mile's girlfriend. Miles is another one of Ryan's friends."

"Tell me about Ryan's friends. He seems to have quiet a bit." I was interested to hear about Autie's new friend. Since we moved out here, we hadn't made many friends. I would mostly just have sex with boys from clubs or bars and Autie would have small conversations with people she met all over.

"Well, he has a friend named Logan and he's quiet at first but once you get a few minutes alone with him you realize he's crazier than all of the boys put together. Then there's Miles. He's hilarious! Miles is basically the comedian in the group. He's the one that's dating Dylan. Dylan is really funny and pretty. she's also nice. she like, the exact opposite of selfish."

"He sounds nice. and so does Logan. When I first met you, I thought you were some wierd nerd that was afraid to talk to people." I laughed. oh how wrong I was..

"That's cause I was!" we laughed at the memory from when we were little. "Anyways," she continued. "Andrew is sort of the person who's always got your back. No matter how much he likes you or dislike you, he'll always be there for you when you need help."

"If only all guys were like that, then maybe I would think about having a boyfriend instead of a fling." I said.

she rolled her eyes playfully. "Okay so another friend is Tyler. He's the fuck boy of the group. he flirts with everyone and anyone. Well, as long as their a girl. But you don't believe how many times he's hit on me. He hit on me within the first five minutes of us meeting each other."

"hm, sound like somebody else I know." I commented in a disgusted tone. It was true though. People like Alec make me sick. They think they're so manly that they need more love than they already have.

"Oh trust me, Tyler may want to fuck every girl he sees but he wouldn't cheat. He's not like that, even if it sounds like that. He's a jerk but not a douche. There's a difference." she corrected me.

I shrugged the topic off. I honestly think I'm more upset about the recent situation than Autie is. "Okay. Any other friends?"

she nodded. "Yup. Dean. He's more like the dare devil of the group. But that's mostly because everyone tells him to do all this crazy and dangerous stuff and he does it without question. He just doesn't think about himself and goes along with everyone else. And you already met Myah, Deans girlfriend."

I smiled. "Maybe I could meet all of them sometime? Cause I am not okay with you having more friends than me." I joked.

she laughed. "I can call Dylan and see if we can come over tomorrow at around one?"

"sure, that sounds great." I replied.

she pushed her bowl to the center of the table before skipping into her room to grab her phone I'm assuming. Autie always hated waiting to do stuff. if she talks about doing something she has to do it right away.

I grabbed her bowl as well as my own like I do every night after dinner, and started to rinse them off in the sink. I'm no chef, but that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were pretty damn good.


Autie's P.O.V.

"Hey Dylan!" I said when she answered her phone.

"Hey Autie, I' m glad you called cause I've been meaning to ask you something." she told me.

"Okay, what's up?"

"Miles and I are going on a double date with Myah and Dean to the movies, and was wondering if you would ask Ryan to go with you."

sighing I hung my head. "Dylan, listen to me and listen closely okay? I. AM. NOT. DATING. YOUR BROTHER!"

she laughed loudly from the other end. "Alright, alright, calm your tits woman you didn't have to say yes. What did you call for short tempered one?"

I smiled at how easy going and funny she was. "I was wondering if my friend Rachel and I could come over tomorrow at one? she was kind of hoping to meet everyone."

"Uh, yeah, that should be fine. Andrew, Ryan, and Miles are going to be out doing some stuff later but you two can still come by and she can meet the other boys a different time?"

I nodded even though she couldn't see me. "Okay, that's fine. Oh and by the way, if you don't mind me asking, why aren't they going to be there?"

there was a pause from Dylan and I think I heard some whispering from others. "They have some business they have to take care of." she finally answered. She was horrible at lying. You could hear it in her voice that she was hiding something. her voice was shaky and she sounded nervous.

"Okay, that's fine." I went along with it though. no point in pressuring someone who obviously doesn't want to talk about it. "I'll text you when we're leaving my apartment tomorrow."

"Okay! Bye Autie!" Her same bubbly and cheerful personality was back. I liked this Dylan much better. I just feel like she wouldn't keep a secret from me if she wanted to be my friend. But that's stupid. I know she wants to be my friend. Which means the secret must be pretty bad.


when I woke up this morning I fell like I had a stroke of genius. I couldn't sleep last night knowing that all of my friends, not including Rachel, were hiding something from me. But when I woke up this morning, I remembered something Myah said when I first met her a couple of days ago. she said: "Why don't you go ask Ryan what he does for a living?" That might have something t do with what Dylan was talking about last night. so all I had to do was text Ryan and ill be all caught up. I think.. I don't know that's what I'm going with for now.

Hey Ryan I have a random question that totally based on curiosity an nothing else what so ever

Ryan😱: haha okay whats your question

What do you do for a living? like, whats your job?

he read the text but didn't answer for another five minutes.

Ryan😱: Autie. I trust you and I love you as a friend. I don't want to do anything to hurt our friendship and that's why I'm telling you. I'm apart of the mafia


I didn't reply to that text...

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