Mafia King//1//

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"Come on Autie! We need to get out! I'm tired of sitting in an apartment all day! Let's go to that bar a few blocks down!" My friend Rachel exclaimed loudly.

I shrugged and continued flipping through channels on the tv. "I'm waiting for Alec to come back."

"He's not coming back! I told you he disappeared with that girl when we were on the beach. Wake up and realize that he's cheating on you!" I could tell she was getting frustrated.

Rolling my eyes I sighed. "Fine! If it's that important to you, we'll go to the god damn bar!"

I got up off of the couch, grabbed a room key and a leather jacket, along with my car keys, and stomped out the door. Rachel quickly followed silently.

When we arrived at the bar she gave me a thumbs up before pulling me over to the bar and setting me down.

"Two vodka's please." She requested, giving the bar tender both of our ID cards.
He handed us both our drinks and our ID's back to us.

I winced when I took a sip. I wasn't the biggest fan of alcohol; and when I did drink it, I didn't exactly enjoy it.

She rolled her eyes at my pathetic attempt to drink vodka. "Oh come on Autie! Just drink it!" She insisted.

I shrugged. "I think I'm just going to go use the restroom." I walked over to the bathrooms and cast one last uneven glance at Rachel.


I stepped out of the bathroom as I wiped off my damp hands on my shirt.

When I exited and looked over at Rachel, I saw that she was sitting with this man that I've never seen before.

When she turned around and saw me her face lit up. She hopped off her seat and ran over to me.

"Autie I need the keys to the car!" She said.

"We get to go home?!" I asked cheerfully.

"No, I'm driving Billy and I back to his apartment... come on Autie please!!!" She begged, practically getting down on her knees.

I rolled my eyes. I love Rachel, I really do. But I'm not gonna lie, she is what people would consider a slut. And I made a promise to her back in 2nd grade when we had became best friends. I promised her I would always accept her decisions and not judge her.

"Can't you just take a cab?"

"Autie!!!" She whined.

I sighed heavily and held up the keys. She smiled and snatched the keys from me.

She hugged me happily. "Thanks Autie! Love you!" She ran back over to the man she called Billy and they headed out the doors straight away.

I groaned when I realized I had no ride home now. And I was not going to let a stranger drive me back to my apartment.

I walked through the door and started walking the way back home. It was cold and starting to drizzle; and I was still five blocks away from the apartment.

The worst part was that this city isn't exactly what you would call safe. Here we have thugs, gangs, criminals, mafia's, and crack heads. Walking alone at midnight isn't exactly smart here.

Soon enough it started down pouring. But still, four more blocks to go. The cold and the rain became to much to bare. I quickly ducked into a bus stop.

I was surprised to see another person there staring at me. He was smoking a cigarette and looking me up and down with a smirk.

He scooted over so that I could sit on the small bench. Of course, the bench was so small that our arms were pressed up against each other.

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