Mafia King//17//

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The next few days I tried to avoid Ryan. When I woke up that morning he wasn't  there next to me and my bed felt weird and empty. The only time I would leave the apartment was to go out onto the balcony, the grocery store, and make my usual walk around town, helping out locals at the stores.

That's what I was doing now. I clutched my sides as the chilly wind blew through the streets. It's been really cold lately, much different from the normal sunny weather we usually have in South Carolina.

"Buenos tardes, Autie!" I heard someone call from the corner store. He was an older Spanish man in his early 50's. More on the chubbier side but he was extremely friendly to anybody and everybody.

"Buenos tardes, Mr. Rodriguez! How is everything?" I stopped my walked and approached him. I haven't come by to help out at the store like I always had.

"All is good! Except business is running a little slow. I got a letter from my boss yesterday in the mail! If we don't pay our bills in the next two months, we gonna have to close up shop!" He exclaimed running a hand through his black hair.

I placed a hand on his back and led him inside his store. He always felt more open when behind its safe walls. "Don't worry Mr. Rodriguez. I'll figure out some way to help. Maybe I could start working here for free so you could drop one of your workers." I suggested respectfully.

He glared and waved his hand in the air. "No! Never! I couldn't get rid of one my workers just because we're low on money! I have never even considered firing one of them, not even when Gabriel mix the milk and the ice cream price tags. These workers are like family. Never could I stop them from working here!" He insisted.

It was true, everyone who worked here were very close and acted as though they were joined by blood. Speaking of family, that's when the Janitor, Miss Gobber walked out of the back room.

"Hola Autie!" She exclaimed coming up to me and giving me a welcoming hug.

"Hola Mamá!" Everyone in the town who is a regular costumer here calls her that. Of course that's a small amount of people since Q-Mart wasn't a very big business.

I sat around and talked for about five more minutes before I looked down at my phone. "Well I have to go. I need to get to Maria's before it gets too busy. It was nice to see you two again. How about afterwards I come by and help with the cleaning."

Mamá gave me thankful smile. "It's about time someone offers to help me! Gracias Autie." I waved to them as I stepped out the door.


I rounded the corner and skipped happily to the Q-Mart. I had just gotten done with painting bright colors on the old sign at Maria's and was on my way there to help clean as I had promised.

I looked through the dirt-stained glass doors to the Q-Mart and saw a commotion going on inside. I burst through the doors and saw a gun be fired at a random customer. The bell at the front door rang as I enter. The man that had shot the bullet whipped around and put a gun to Mamá's head, while putting her in a head-lock. She screamed in terror.

He was wearing a mask as he stared at me. I looked at his eyes through the narrow slit in his mask. They were glossed with fear, and what I think was sadness. That sadness soon took over me when I saw what was on the "strange" man's wrist. It was the bracelet I had given Ryan. The one he wears at all time.

"Let her go!" I yelled. He instantly let go and walked towards me. He tried to hold my waist but I pushed him away roughly.

"Autumn please-" he begged quietly.

"Get out of here before you can hurt any more innocent people you asshole!" I screamed.

He looked hurt. Extremely hurt. But I just witnessed him killing a person. That's not something what to see a loved-one do. I started to cry when I saw him run off in a alleyway next to the corner store.

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