Bing Bong NO! by smroberts23
Bing Bong NO!by a high heeled ranger
Have fun
  • dead
  • cry
  • weaboo
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Beautiful Dilemma by Roshuma
Beautiful Dilemmaby Roshuma Florence
She was beauty; deep and rich in art... He was an enigma; an inexplicable force of nature... Akilah Johnson, was an art student at Cambridge School of Arts. With her dre...
  • black
  • smoking
  • urban
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I'm Not on Drugs by vernicia06
I'm Not on Drugsby Vernicia
I'm not on drugs, I'm just in love
  • smoking
  • underage
  • slightlydepressing
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Buy blue dream Strain | legal blue dream | buy blue dream online by bluedreamstrain
Buy blue dream Strain | legal bluedreamstrain
Buy blue dream Strain | legal blue dream | buy blue dream online Description A sativa-dominant cross between DJ Short's original Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, Blue Dr...
  • super
  • strain
  • groowing
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Closed Doors by choclatewriter
Closed Doorsby choclatewriter
The Greys is the most feared gang to exist yet. Zoey Grey and her best friend Quinn want to prove themselves worthy of working in the business alongside their parents...
  • smoking
  • adventure
  • action
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The Magical Collar - HP by PCRW1234
The Magical Collar - HPby PCRW1234
Harry one day in the R.O.R found a collar that was a black like colour so he decided to put it on, turns out it used to belong to the one and only Severus Snape when he...
  • snarry
  • more
  • darkharry
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control - jackbam by TaesGucciBag
control - jackbamby TaesGucciBag
jackson didn't realise boys could develop eating problems, especially not his childhood friend. but bambam's already-thin frame continued to become skinnier as he grew. ...
  • jb
  • depression
  • jackson
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Book Of Randomness by OneHelluvaSmoker
Book Of Randomnessby Deimos
only will update this if i get tagged or When Im Bored And Wanna Make Another Chapter
  • anything
  • facts
  • games
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cigarette smoke (a shyland story) by lovelyrasberries
cigarette smoke (a shyland story)by :)
he wanted to know everything about anything, but things you just can't know the truth. -i sometimes literally change the whole story around so u gotta sometimes go back...
  • stories
  • morgan
  • shyland
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Fumer Tue by wifeofwriter
Fumer Tueby wifeofwriter
You can forget everything: suffering, mortification, despair, as well as happiness, joy and tears. Pain fades away. Habit not. Grey smoke flies away to the night sky.
  • death
  • smoking
  • family-drama
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Blood Lust From The Boy Next Door by user04932952
Blood Lust From The Boy Next Doorby Kaly Imhof
Jessica Rose Page is a 33 year old woman moving to a new town with her sixteen year old daughter, Marie Louise Page. May (Marie Louise) hates her new town but slowly cha...
  • romance
  • blood
  • skateboard
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What are juuls? by mollybmakesbooks
What are juuls?by Molly DeAnn Berry
This book is to inform people what they are getting there self into once they inhale the nicotine a juul provides!
  • juul
  • pods
  • vaporizers
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Yellow Lighter | Yoonseok by YoongoBoi
Yellow Lighter | Yoonseokby Yoongi Bear
Where Hoseok works at a convenience store and Yoongi buys a yellow lighter. Contains Mature scenes and mentions of smoking, drugs and alcohol.
  • bangtanboys
  • namjoon
  • tattoos
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The best snowfall by Viedhi22
The best snowfallby Viedhi22
This is a story about a small town girl and a boy from a city who accidentally meets her and the fate paves path for them. This story beginnes with the girl's POV her n...
  • friends
  • help
  • smoking
Quit Smoking the Natural Way by simplenutritionau
Quit Smoking the Natural Wayby simplenutritionau
After you've stop smoking altogether your cells, body, hair, skin, bones and blood will be able to repair themselves. Partnered with healthy eating and regular exercise...
  • quit
  • smoking
The Underworlds Apprentice  by DevilMayI-
The Underworlds Apprentice by Maddox
Life as the eldest son of Hades.
  • mobster
  • emotionless
  • thedevil
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Whispers by JomanaElbostany
Whispersby Jomana🎷
Excuse me , Did you hear this voice ?!
  • voices
  • issues
  • smoking
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Obsessed / BWS FanFiction 2018 by BradleyMyBabe
Obsessed / BWS FanFiction 2018by BradleyMyBabe
"A table for two, your ego and you" BradleyMyBabe FanFiction 2018 Bradley Will Simpson Fanfic
  • jealousy
  • vamps
  • tristanevans
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The Alpha Meets His Match by Aunie1290
The Alpha Meets His Matchby *ThatOneGirl*
Blair Wise is a headstrong girl who hated to be bossed around, mistreated and judged by people who didn't even know her story, but that was everyone. Blair kept i...
  • tattoos
  • smoking
  • food
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Youth by CilleLykkeVad
Youthby Cecilie Lykke Vad Larsen
A collection of 10 poems inspired by society's pressure and the ways to cope with it by: Cecilie Lykke Vad Larsen
  • collection
  • trouble
  • love
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