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Life goes on. Things get better. We held Andrews funeral a few days after the hospital. I laid down a a flower on his coffin and wiped the tears away from my eyes. "He was a good man. And without him, neither my son nor I would be alive. So I thank you, Andrew Prier. We will always remember you and the thing you have done. Your life wasn't long enough; and I'm sorry. But I know your still here. And I know at this very moment you are standing in the crowd behind me, unknowingly comforting those who loved you. Just do me one more favor, wait for us, when it's our time." I said during my speech.

After Andrew died, the Mafia sort of just split up. Nobody really talks to each other anymore. We all come together once a year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years before going our own ways. I have invited Rachel every year but she has never shown up.

Everyone was okay though. Logan married his girlfriend Veronica, and now they own their own very successful fashion company out in New York City.

Tyler moved on and found out he was attracted to men. So now he's happily dating a man named Tommy. They live in our old house together with two dogs. Tyler is now a gym teacher at Myrtle Freshman Academy. Tommy works as an engineer. 

Dean and Myah broke up because Dean's knew job. He had to travel all over the globe for months at a time. While Myah was stuck at home, working multiple jobs, and taking care of a baby they made together. But they are still very good friends. To the point where they live in the same house together with their own families. Myah married a man named Levi and had all girl triplets. Dean married a girl named Sofia and had two girls. They now all live in California.

Miles and Dylan got married and had one baby named, Joy. They moved all the way to Australia in hopes of starting a new life where police men didn't recognize them for their crimes.

Brian moved into my parents house with Sam after my parents passed away. He and Ryan are now best friends despite all that happened. Sam is currently in a long term relationship with a guy named Brad. They've been dating for at least three and a half years now. Brian is married to a girl named Bethany and they have no plans in having children.

Austin still lives with Ryan and I but is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Heather, soon. He's so cute! He has stubble now and it's like he's actually a little grown man. He's still my best friend though. I'm almost sad that him and Heather are looking for apartments together.

Rachel got back in touch with her dad.
It turns out that her mother left him when they reunited. They became best friends and had a strong relationship so Rachel moved down to Texas to live with her dad. For a few years she dated a guy named Mark but then as soon as she got pregnant, he left her. Rachel had a beautiful baby girl named Tiffany and is now raiser her on her own, still living in the same house as her dad. But her and I aren't really friends anymore. We never talk to each other unless it absolutely necessary. It's funny because we had always planned to be best friends till we died.

Now I know what the big question is. What happened to Ryan and I? Well after Tony, we had seven more children. One girl and six boys. However my little girl, Allison (my most recent child), died when she was 2 because of brain cancer. A mystery to everyone because our families had no history of it. I love my family very much. Ryan works in law enforcement now and I am an artist. We eventually got so far up in are careers to be rich and live in a nice beautiful house. The names of my sons are Tony (19), Camden (14), Rogan (14), Freddy (6), Joey (15), Luke (17), and Andrew (18). We all live in Denver, Colorado. Our neighbor is Henry, Ryan's old boss from the Mafia, and now, he's like an uncle to the boys.its weird that I can still say that again... "The boys". Except this time I'm talking about a different group of boys.

So yes, everyone eventually moved on with their lives and thrived in what some call "living". Although it's not really living if you don't savor every moment. There's a big difference between living and being alive. And I think, I actually live. Especially because I would do it all over again..

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