Mafia King//10//

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"Are you sure you don't want to come with us? You can meet Henry!" Ryan explained pulling me into a hug. Ryan and I basically act like a couple but we really haven't made it "official" yet.

I smiled and looked up at him. "Yes I'm sure. I would love to spend more time with you but I want to go see my family." I explained.

He frowned. "Fine.." He gave me a quick kiss before pulling back. Rachel, Andrew, and I walked toward the exit to the plane.
After a couple of steps Ryan pulled me back into yet another hug and gave me a longer kiss. Behind me I could hear Myah fan-girl screaming. After he let me go we continued walking away again.

The three of us waved to all of them before boarding the plane. We took our seats and Andrew loaded our luggage into the over-head storage thing. I took the window seat and Rachel sat in the middle leaving the aisle seat for Andrew.

"So I was wondering." Rachel said, turning to Andrew. "Who all lives in that house?"

"Miles, Dylan, Logan, Ryan and I." He told her.

She nodded in understanding. "Do you guys fight a lot? Cause Autie and I do."

He smiled at her and shrugged. "Eh. Sometimes. Logan and I are brothers so we have sibling rivalry. But other than that everyone seems to get along."

Rachel was about to say something the flight attendant's voice rang throughout the plane. "Good morning ladies and gentleman. The plane will be taking off shortly so if you could turn off all electronic devices that would be great." Everyone in the plane proceeded to turn off laptops, phones, tablets, ect. And buckling their seat belts.

"I can't get the damn clasp." Rachel growled.

Andrew and I chuckled. "Here." He said taking the buckle from her hands and clipping her in easily.

She smiled slightly, looking down and blushing. "Thanks." She mumbled.


We still had half an hour to go and by now I was extremely bored of playing games on my phone.

I directed my gaze over to were Rachel and Andrew were sleeping. Andrew was sitting upright while Rachel was sprawled out across all three seats. Here legs were curled up on Andrew's lap and her head was placed on my lap.

I wish I could go to sleep on this crummy plane. I'm just not comfortable enough. We all had to wake up at six in the morning in order to pack everything up and make it to our flight on time. Everyone here was tired to no extent.

I was just about to try and go to sleep again when I got a text from Ryan.

Ryan😱: Hey Boo! Just wanted to tell you to have fun and text me when you get there!! Wuv u! <3

I rolled my eyes and laughed while replying. Lol okay wuv u 2 <3

I put my phone in my pocket before leaning back and finally falling asleep. I was awaken when the flight assistance sounded.

"Good evening passengers. The plane will land at the gate in about five minutes. Once again I would like to ask you to please shut off all electronic devices. Thank you for flying with us today."

I shook Andrew and Rachel, who was still laying on us. They both sleepily rubbed their eyes and sat up.

"What's the big idea?" Rachel grumbled.

"We're landing turn off your phones." I smiled at her but she just glared.

They both turned off all their electronics before buckling up again. "Excuse me passengers, but we are experiencing some minor turbulence while landing. Nothing to worry about but it will take a little longer to land." The flight attendant said with a smile before literally running into the back room.

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