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Just a cute story

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Percy had maths homework and Annabeth promised she would help him.

When Annabeth finally arrived Percy as still struggling on the first of ten questions. "Oh my gods Percy, these are so easy", Annabeth declared. Percy just groaned.
"Okay", Annabeth said, "Every time you get question right you get a kiss."
Percy's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He was now determined to get ever single one right. He began immediately. Annabeth helped him but never actually solved the answer. He eventually got up to the tenth question which earned him nine kisses from Annabeth so far.
When he showed his final answer Annabeth looked a little disappointed. "It's wrong Percy..." Percy was really annoyed but then he felt Annabeths lips on his. "But I got the question wrong"
"Doesn't mean I can't kiss you"

Awwww Percebeth <3

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