Happy Birthday Nico

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Guess who got her iPod back and can start posting better than ever before???

If you guess me then your correct haha!

I got a present on Nicos birthday tee Hee lol

I'm sorry I was on holiday guys <3 Das why I didn't update for ages hehe not

Do you guys like the new cover or nah? Comment <3 First comment gets Shout out this time haha since most of you always go 'First Comment' in the comments tee Hee


The Seven, Nico,Will and Clarisse were all meant to meet with Chiron at the big house. The only one present wasn't Will who was last seen with Nico. Half the camp were getting suspicious with those two.
Percy then asked Nico "Nico where's your Willy?" He didn't look at Nico at all for the rest of the day.

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