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Demigod Sings Day 1/10

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The flames grow bright in San Francisco tonight
Plenty demigods to be seen
An area of desolation
And it looks like I'm the king

The smoke is rising
And we need to get on board
Something's controlling me and I can't move forward

Fire, Awayat the demigodsthey look so smallfrom up in the cloudsI don't know why I can't control my self!

I'm not myself!

Let it Burn! Let it Burn!Can't control it any more!Let it Burn! Let it Burn!Little elf-man is gone!In his place is an EidolonLet the Camp burn on!

The rage never bothered me anyway...

So you get the drift Guess who the Person singing is... It's harder than you think haha for the next ten day's Guess the Person and the Song! I'm in the mood for writing parodies at the moment <3 First Person gets a dedication! And I guess you can choose the next song!

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