Demigod Sings Day 2/10

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This chapter is dedicated to AllyLeAuthor you can choose then next song if you want.

No we don't choose who we are
Yeah we are demigods
I get bad grades but I do better at ca-amp
I'll be the demigod
I'll be the sassiest ;)
I'll be the pirate of all my fathers seas!

I am the second awesome half of the Percebeth ship
I try to picture me without her but I can't

Cause I could have been immortal immortal
Just cause I had a chance
But I turned the offer down
Just to be with my girl friend
Foreeeeeevvvver ever
Together we'll be immoooooooor immortals

I swear if you don't know who this is I will personally come and demolish you ;) kidding ily but seriously though if you don't get it... Grrrrr

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