Percy's Present and New Book

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Percy: Did you like your present?

Nico: Yeah, thanks a lot

Percy: Well...



Nico: No not this again - *facepalms*

Percy: I left the receipt in there, just in case ya know

Nico: Percy, please stop


After that Not your type hype, Yes I just did that #notyourtypehype <3 Best Hashtag ever. I just gonna say this... I'm making a new book. Yeah Yeah I knwo I have to update the other books I have here first but...

Attention all Saltgunners, Superfreakies, Supernaturalites and Idk waht else to call us! I am creating a Supernatural Book of Humor! I'm just gonna find loads of Jokes and weird quotes from the ten seasons so far and put them into a new book <3

And yes I will update the other books <3

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