Naming childrens...

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Yea I did that ^^,  I think I did a joke like this before but this is with all the seven... Oh yeah and I searched up cool baby names and the first name that came up was Nico ;)

Piper: Oscar and Zelda

Jason: O.o ^^ Rose and Tyler

Leo: Leon and Leona

Piper: ...

Hazel: Casper and Stormie :)

Frank: Olive and Milo

Percy: Zani and Juju

Annabeth: We shall not name our children that... Sebastian and Lily

Percy: wait... did you just say our children?

Fandom: #PERCABETH!!!!!

Sally: Awwwwwww

Olympus: Awwwwww

Annabeth: *blushes* I didn't mean it like that!

Me: Of course you didn't ...

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