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Okay... So don't hate me or start throwing things at me but I think for a little while I'm gonna stop updating this book... If I think of the occasional joke or find a cool/cute one I want to share with you demigods/gods I will of course I will!!! But yeah you now have to make the decision of which book I should update and I will try my best to update it ever three days or as fast as I can cause I will!! I'm getting a bit busy at school but yeah. Comment A B or C for which book I should update

A -Wishes of the depths -Nico di Angelo
A new girl arrives at camp claimed by the sneaky god Hermes. Nico just happens to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time and Chiron asks him to show they newcomer around camp. A few days later a letter from the Underworld arrives. Nico actually worries for his friends old and new but nothing stop him from giving up everything to save them.The gang is back but this time with a few more. Join Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Leo, Calypso, Nico and the other demigods as they embark on a quest that may as well have them prepare their own tombstone.

B - Runaway Saviour - Nico di Angelo

Nico has been offered a place in Chaos' army, when he finds out Bianca can come back he says yes! Nico has left his old life on Earth and has started a new one helping Chaos and his new friends! When trouble arises in his Home Planet will he be able to return and fight the war with his old friends!

C - Am I wrong (Pernico)
Completely new story...

There isn't a description just know that I probably will swear for the sake of a fanfic and yes if your dirty minds want I will add... You know whats... And yeah

All three ideas are mine... So now vote my pretties ily see you in the comments <3

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