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With the blink of an eye and a touch of willpower, Grian was back in the place he had literally just fought for his life to escape.

He was outside of Asphodel now, on the bank of the River Styx. He remembered the last time he had been here, with the other Hermits and Cat the Hellhound.

Nothing seemed to be trying to kill him. Now the only issue would be getting out of the Underworld and back to the surface. Then he would have to travel across the country - probably with elytra - until he got back to Camp Half-Blood. Then he'd slip in at night, place the Fleece back on the tree, and go home. Hopefully without anyone noticing.

Grian wasn't sure where to start with looking for an exit. That Karen-Charon guy only took people in, not out. And most hellhounds weren't friendly.

It was really quite strange and insanely lucky that we found Cat, Grian realized.

He ran his hand along the wall of the cavern. He was a son of Hermes, even if he hadn't been claimed. If anyone could find a secret passage, it was him. Hopefully.

It felt like hours. His fingers were red and raw, and even starting to bleed in places. He started to lose hope. Maybe there was no secret passage. He'd probably have to go back to Hermitcraft and find another way. Hermes, if you're listening, I could really use an exit right about now.

Subconsciously, he traced a triangular groove in the stone.

He glanced at what he was doing and did a double take.

That triangular groove was glowing blue. And there was a passage next to it that Grian swore hadn't been there before.

"Huh," he muttered to himself. "Thanks."

He had no way of knowing where the tunnel led, but it couldn't be worse than anything he'd been through before... right?


Immediately upon entering, the cave closed behind him. It no longer smelled of Underworld, it just smelled of... cave.

Well. No turning back now. Grian continued forward.

He saw various ores in the walls, but something told him not to mine them. The rumbling of stone echoed all around him. He heard distant monster sounds. Overall, not too different from Minecraft.

Until a wall appeared out of nowhere right in front of him and he ran into it. "Hey!" he yelled, as if the wall could understand him.

"Well. You certainly look like you're on a mission. Still trying to bring back that friend of yours?"

Grian looked around for the source of the voice. It was what appeared to be a Minecraft skeleton. That was odd. They weren't supposed to be in this world.

But its eye sockets glowed purple. And skeletons couldn't talk.

Grian took a step backwards. He knew what this was. He had seen it before. Heck, he had seen his own eyes glow this color.

The Watcher, taking on a skeleton's mind as its own, strung its bow. "Found you."


Oh my goodness, two chapters in one day??? At times like this when motivation periods are few and far between? I know. I'm amazing. /j

- Indigo

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