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Honestly, the fact that Zedaph and Percy were gone didn't surprise Tango.

He knew where they had gone, even though they hadn't told him. They'd gone after Annabeth.

Tango and Bdubs met up in the woods to discuss this new development.

"The Zoë person left the Hunters she was supposed to bring," Bdubs noticed, somehow. By now, news of the quest had spread through the camp. Phoebe had temporarily moved into the Big House and declared a rivalry between the Hunters and the Hermes cabin, which none of the Hermes kids had taken seriously due to the fact that she had been clearly resisting scratching at her itchy hives at the time.

"So... Percy and Zedaph could be the fifth and sixth quest members," Tango said. "Prophecies have a weird way of always happening no matter what we do."

"So we shouldn't go after them? What if they die? WHAT IF THEYRE THE TWO THAT ARE GONNA DIE?!"

"Oh, I forgot about that part," Tango said, going pale.

"We have to," Bdubs said. "We did last summer. And the summer before. It's tradition at this point."

"Bdubs, it- it's hard to explain, but I get this feeling of impending doom and not happy fun times that would happen if we went."

Bdubs hesitated. "But they could die."

"Besides," Tango continued. "Ren."

"What about him?"

"He can't fight, but he'd be really mad if we left him behind. What if we lost him, or if he fell off another bridge?"

Bdubs angrily kicked a rock into the creek. "Then what are we supposed to do?" he demanded. "Sit here and wait?"

"No," Tango said. "Well, yes. But also, no. The Hunters are still here. Chariot racing is still happening. There's the fact that the Hunters all hate the Stoll brothers now. And I heard Apollo cabin complaining about the Hunters using the archery range. I have a feeling things are going to be plenty interesting here."

Bdubs pursed his lips. "Fine. I guess."

He continued staring into the creek.

Tango studied him. "What's up?"


"You've been acting weird. Grumpier... well, grumpier than usual. Ever since a couple weeks after Grian and the Fleece disappeared."

Bdubs sighed dramatically. "None of your business."

Tango rolled his eyes and folded his arms. "Well. If you don't want to talk, then don't talk. But I'm watching." he pointed two fingers at his own eyes, and then at Bdubs.

Then he cracked up. "I can't keep a straight face, you're too short."

That did the trick. Bdubs immediately forgot whatever had been on his mind and yelled, "HEY!"

"Ha!" Tango laughed, dodging Bdubs' attempt to hit him with a stick. He ran. The angry son of Hypnos wasn't far behind.

Tango glanced back and made a face, then stepped to the side and watched Bdubs stumble past him and fall face first into the creek.

Bdubs got up, sopping wet, and wiped water off of his face. "TANGO!"

"What are you gonna do?" Tango teased. "Make me sleep?"

Bdubs hit him.

"Ow!" Tango chuckled, rubbing his head.

"I'm not short," Bdubs grumbled, attempting to wring out his shirt. "I'm average."

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