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Fart bombs were not what Bdubs had imagined when Tango said "traps."

But fart bombs were what Bdubs got.

He supposed he had to work with them.

They went off the second the Hunters approached the border and stepped on hidden sensors buried under the snow and dead leaves. They smelled horrible, but Bdubs hadn't gotten the full effect. Some of the Hunters shot arrows that exploded into green gas upon impact. "Fart arrows!" Thalia screamed.

This had very quickly become a battle of bodily functions and Bdubs was here for it.

Bdubs backed into the crowd despite his urge to go murder the opposing team. He could do this the strategic way. He could make them go to sleep! And stop them from coming any further!

There was a small group of about three Hunters close by, who had apparently tried to sneak across the border past the main fight. They had set off a mine, and were now coughing and gagging. Bdubs decided to make them his target. He thought about sleep. He thought about putting them to sleep, specifically.

Last time, a year and a half ago, he had just yawned and thought about how tired he was.

Maybe if he did that again... but he didn't want to risk knocking out everyone there.

His concentration was broken when one of the Hunters he was trying to do magic at ran at him screaming with a knife. Bdubs had to block, because he was not in the mood to be stabbed that day.

As soon as the blades met, the Hunter collapsed to be ground. Bdubs, slightly alarmed, checked for a pulse. He was relieved to find she was still alive.

Somehow, it had worked.

"Phoebe!" another Hunter called. "Come on! Leave that short one alone and help me!"

Being called short yet again made Bdubs angry.

"HEY!" he yelled, pointing his sword at the Hunter who had spoken. "I'M NOT SHORT!"

She looked mildly amused before passing out as well.

Around Bdubs, the Hunters that were still awake had either retreated back to their side or been captured. Thalia had taken control of the operation and was working with a dryad and a satyr to tie the two captured Hunters and the two sleeping ones to a tree.

"Nice work, Bdubs." Percy grinned, clapping Bdubs on the back. "But there's something- I had a dream, I already told Zedaph-"

"I didn't know they would use fart bombs," Bdubs complained, not really registering what Percy was saying.

Percy shrugged. "Tango and Beckendorf are a force to be reckoned with when they work together. The flag is probably wide open right now, I know some of them got past us."

"The Hermes kids are doing that," Bdubs said.

"Don't you dare," Thalia yelled, stomping up to Percy. Bdubs awkwardly backed away as she scolded the son of Posideon for even thinking about going off the plan.

Instead, he looked around some more.

There weren't any flares going off along the border. They were safe, for now.

Until the one at the flag did.

"They got past us!" someone yelled.

A curse slipped out of Bdubs' mouth, and then suddenly all of the Ares kids who had been fighting with them disappeared. Bdubs and the other demigods stayed at their post, looking toward the flag in worry.

Suddenly, something hard slammed into Bdubs' back. He yelped as he was knocked to the ground.

The arrow that had hit him had a head blunt enough that it would bruise but not cut, and immediately upon impact, bronze cables shot out of the arrow. Bdubs hit the ground hard on his side, wrapped in a net of shiny rope.

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