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Hermitcraft Vampire AU by RowdyKid04
Hermitcraft Vampire AUby kid
Just because I'm bad doesn't mean I'm that bad. . . I'm just miss understood. this is a hermitcraft book and a vampire au too. this will bring up blood, of course, and...
Hermitcraft Stuff n' things! -Exy by TheMaskEd-0ne
Hermitcraft Stuff n' things! -Exyby TheMaskEd-0ne
I promised a hermitcraft book and it's shipping and fluff! I only ship their personas NOT the real people -X ❤️ (cover art not mine!)
Forever And Always [Tangtho] (Tango×Etho) by BonniesBro
Forever And Always [Tangtho] ( Shadow
Hermitcraft Experiment AU (⟟ don't know who had the idea first whit the experiment au ⟟ saw some on YouTube and thaught it would be a nice project there will be ships (t...
Just The Two Of Us- A Hermitcraft/Ethdubs Fantasy AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Just The Two Of Us- A Kiara :>
A Floran hybrid who's been hiding from humans his whole life until one of his friends had an unfortunate encounter with one. A human prince who has been raised to dislik...
A Little Problem by HindenBurge
A Little Problemby Hindenburg
A glitch happened on the server which left many of them much younger than they should be. They'll have to get used to their new lives as they face the problems that come...
Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs) by ThatOneWaterCat
Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs)by ThatOneWaterCat
Hermitcraft Coffee Shop AU! Just some tired college students trying to swim through homework, take care of themselves, and maybe fall in love along the way? Etho x Bdubs...
HermitCraft One Shots - Multi Ships by Hermit_MultiShipper
HermitCraft One Shots - Multi Shipsby SunsetTheGlamour
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICS IN THE COVER! If they belong to you, let me know so I can shout you out! #1 in Keralis TYSM! ILY!! #1 in WelsKnight #1 in False Started on ~...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Other Things I guess by NinjaKitty1928
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Other (basically on a writing hiatu...
Welcome to me spilling out my brain onto a computer. I have no idea what this is. I plan to do some oneshots and stuff. I don't have too much of a plan for this, I might...
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots by XandeaTheWatcher
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshotsby Xan
New season, new book, and hopefully this will be longer than my S8 one! I can't wait to write about and make art for the new Season, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading t...
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Book by Meva400
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Eva
It's back y'all. After a personal situation that ended up in me pulling this book I have decided to republish it along with a couple new stories I have written in a sepa...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by The_Guestinator
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby The Guestinator👻
A bunch of Oneshots and short stories based off of Hermitcraft.
grian (angst?) centered one shots  by ciel_gege
grian (angst?) centered one shots by DmMe?
basically a vent fic for all the ideas wrapped up in my mind but with grian as the MC. some may go OCC bc of plot but pls. bare with me. it doesn't have a schedule, req...
[OLD] The Villain and Hero(A Hermitcraft FanStory) by KitExists
[OLD] The Villain and Hero(A Kit
What happens when you throw two of the most snappy Hermits into a super hero and super villain au? Obviously a love will blossom ;3 BDOC warning ahead!(DONT SHIP REAL PE...
Random Hermitcraft Things [COMPLETED, MOVED TO NEW BOOK] by RachelGreenery
Random Hermitcraft Things [ Rach
Oneshots, Incorrect quotes, headcannons, and more! *~-~*~-~*~-~* Fair warning, this book contains shipping(most are platonic, but may have a few romantic ones), may have...
Grian X Hermitcraft Oneshot  by kmicklove
Grian X Hermitcraft Oneshot by 🐼Kmicklove101
Mostly grian cause why not. Any ship's acceptable. Bunch of bushes and 1 man in a chicken costume. #1 hermit june 27 2021 #1ZIT April 10 2021 #1 bdubs may 6 2021 Picture...
Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) - A Hermitcraft Mermaid AU by XandeaTheWatcher
Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) Xan
A pirate who doesn't believe in merpeople. A half-merman who isn't allowed anywhere near humans. Not exactly the kind of people you'd expect to meet, let alone fall in l...
A Lot More Hermitcraft Stuff by aiMHana
A Lot More Hermitcraft Stuffby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
oh look, a third book of Hermitcraft stuff :') ships, smut, fluff, angst, all that stuff will all be present here
A Chaotic Camping Trip! (Hermitcraft 8 Highschool AU) by ThatOneWaterCat
A Chaotic Camping Trip! ( ThatOneWaterCat
Alright description time! I hate these. This is a camping trip story with the Hermits in Season 8 of Hermitcraft, also while they're in highschool cause why not. Not m...
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft oneshots & drabbles by characterized-cheese
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft characterized-cheese
[NOW COMPLETED] Read the intro chapter for more info and details :)) includes some shipping! minecraft personas only. no smut