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Yes I know you want Capture the Flag but I'm trying to stay in order so ha lol


"We have ambrosia, bandages, food, water, whatever you need..."

Gem's vision was blurry when she opened her eyes, and for a minute, she forgot where they were. Why did the pirates have ambrosia? Where was the rocking of the boat?

"Gem!" Someone had noticed she was awake.

Then her vision snapped into focus, and she remembered.

Gem abruptly sat up, accidentally hitting her head against another head. "The Fury! Is she dead?"

Reyna backed away, wincing and holding her head where Gem had hit it. "Yes. Yes, she's dead. You killed her. You turned her whip into a tulip."

Gem's eyebrows were probably above her hairline. "Really?"

Reyna nodded patiently and held out ambrosia. They were in a barrack of some kind, with bunks against the walls, but Gem was on a mattress on the floor. There were other girls there, ranging from about fifteen even into their twenties. There was a bandage around Gem's neck, although not tight enough to choke her, and her head was throbbing.

"Where are we?" Gem asked.

"Amazon," a girl said.

"Like the company?"

"Exactly like the company."

Gem was incredibly confused.

"They're bent on world domination," Reyna said casually. "Hylla's talking with the queen."

"Oh," Gem said, still not satisfied.

Then it finally clicked. "They're the warrior girls who worship Ares and don't like guys."

"We don't worship him," one of the Amazons denied. "We just respect him. More than the other gods, at least. There's groups of us all across the world, but the biggest is here, in Seattle."

"Oh," Gem said again.

"Well," Reyna said. "Thank you for the supplies. We should really be going..."

"Oh, that's fine," the Amazon said. "We'll just wait for Hylla to come out. Then you can be on your way. In the meantime, Plant Girl should eat something."

"My name is Gem," Gem protested weakly. She realized how hungry she was as an Amazon handed her a wrapped up McDonalds burger and fries. Probably not the best sustenance after they had just nearly died, but Gem took it gratefully.

"How did you do it?" Reyna wondered.

"What?" Gem asked between bites.

"The plants."

The Amazons in the room listened curiously.

Gem didn't really care that they were there. "Well," she said. " was probably bonemeal."

"It wasn't bonemeal," Reyna insisted. "You tried to get some and then came up empty before that."

Gem thought for a minute, trying to remember.

"I felt seeds," she remembered. "Under the foundation of the bathrooms. They couldn't grow because of the building, but I kind of told them to anyway. And they grew."

She shrugged and finished her burger.

Reyna smiled and shook her head. "Demigod things," she said finally.

Hylla chose that exact moment to come back. "Time to go," she announced, although she seemed a bit sad about it. "We gotta get to Camp Half-Blood. Or at least, get Gem to Camp Half-Blood."

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