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This quest had gone very wrong.

The manticore was most likely dead. The two demigods they had come to rescue, Bianca and Nico Di Angelo, were safe. They had found help with the Hunters of Artemis.

But when the Dr. Thorn, the manticore, had fallen off of the cliff, so had Annabeth.

Oh, and some other random dude with a fake mustache.

He had appeared out of nowhere and immediately observed, "I think we overestimated how far north the camp was. Grian, you here?"

Grian was not, in fact, there. He had been kidnapped, or if Annabeth's theory was correct, run away with a certain sheep skin and joined Luke's Army. Percy, like the Hermits, didn't like that theory so he chose not to believe it.

This guy had to be another Hermit.

Unfortunately, Percy didn't have time to interrogate him before he was knocked over the side of the cliff by a murderous daughter of Athena riding on a manticore that had so many arrows in it that it looked like a porcupine. "I am now falling," he had said calmly after a loud scream. The acceptance of death was yet another sign that he was a Hermit.

On a different note, Percy had to believe that Annabeth was alive somehow. He felt it in his bones that she was. But unfortunately, that meant Dr. Thorn probably was as well.

And it was Percy's fault. He was the one who had thrown the plan out the window and left the others. He was the reason she was in enemy hands now.

Not only had Annabeth been captured - not dead. Percy wouldn't say she was dead - but Kronos' army had gotten mortals on their side. The mortals didn't know what they were doing, of course. They were just in it for the money, according to Artemis. But they had still come on a helicopter and shot at Percy, Thalia, Grover, the Di Angelo kids, Annabeth before she fell, and the Hunters, which was slightly unsettling.

"Are you really a son of Posideon?" an excited voice asked from behind Percy.

Percy sighed. Nico had returned with fresh geekiness.

"Yeah," he said, because there was no fighting the ten year-old Mythomagic enthusiast.

"Can you surf really well, then?"

"I don't know," Percy said, letting exhaustion flow into his voice and hoping Nico would take the hint.

He did not.

"Have you ever met Posideon? If you jump off the cliff, would you survive since there's water? Who was Annabeth's parent? And what about-"

"PERCY," a voice yelled. Percy winced. That would be Thalia.

"Is Annabeth your girlfriend?" Nico called after Percy as he started to make his way over to Thalia.

Percy caught up to the daughter of Zeus, tripping over snow. "Hi, Thalia..."

"I hate those Hunters," Thalia growled. "They barge into our fight and take all the glory-"

"I'm with you," Percy said. "I don't trust them."

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