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First Percy running off.

Then Annabeth being captured or killed.

Then the Hunters turning up.

As you can see, Thalia's day was going badly enough without an overexcited sun god (who was probably as high as his chariot) forcing her to drive the literal sun.

But first, backtrack a bit.

The Hunters had stopped ruining Thalia's day even more (by trying to talk to her.) She was left alone to overhear Bianca and Nico's conversation that she probably shouldn't have been listening to.

Nico didn't seem happy. Something about Bianca leaving him, but he eventually gave in, hugged her, and said goodbye. She replied by telling him that she wasn't going yet.

Thalia was confused at first. Then Percy appeared out of nowhere and said, "Bianca joined the Hunters."

Thalia punched a tree.

"Save hitting trees for Minecraft," Percy told her. "I don't like it either, but she's already made the oath."

Thalia started to say a curse word.

"And they're coming back to Camp Half-Blood with us," Percy interrupted.

Thalia stared at him in angry silence.

Then she finished her curse word. "I bet it was Zoë's fault! That stuck-up, no good-"

Artemis came up next to them, ignoring Thalia's glare. "He will be coming soon. He is soooo lazy in the winter."

"Who?" Thalia asked.

"Apollo," Artemis answered gravely, looking pained at how she was subjecting them to whatever was about to happen. "He is your ride to camp. But don't look, not until he parks."

Grover looked confused. "Until he-"

And then the world exploded.

At least, that was what it looked like. What actually happened was that the sun landed in front of them.

...Come to think of it, that wasn't much better.

The assorted Hunters and campers looked away. Thalia felt like her coat was melting off of her in the sudden blast of heat.

And then the light died, and it was mostly cold again.

Thalia risked a look and sucked in her breath. A red convertible Maserati Spyder had appeared out of nowhere, glowing with heat. The snow had melted and there was green grass in a perfect circle around the car. It made Thalia's shoes wet, which wasn't much help with the cold, but oh well.

The driver got out, smiling confidently. He looked about seventeen or eighteen, and his sandy golden hair hung almost into his eyes. He brushed it away, looking slightly annoyed with it, but still keeping the smile. He carried himself with confidence, or maybe just someone with a massive ego.

"Whoa," Thalia breathed. "Apollo is hot."

"He's the sun god," Percy agreed.

"That's not what I meant."

"Little sister!" Apollo beamed, turning right away to Artemis. "What's up? You never write, or call, or whatever the people do these days! I was getting worried."

Artemis sighed. "I'm fine. And I am not your little sister. We're twins, how many millennia do we have to argue-"

"SO WHAT'S UP?" Apollo interrupted. "Got the girls with you, I see. Y'all need tips on archery?" He mimed shooting a bow and made a whoosh noise as he let the invisible arrow fly.

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