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Bdubs was not lonely.

Sure, Scar had run off and died, and Ren had run off and gotten turned into a guinea pig, and Gem had run off and gotten kidnapped by pirates, and Grian had run off to gods knew where, and Annabeth had run off and gotten captured, and Zedaph and Percy and Thalia had run off to save her, and now Tango had run off to start a war, but that didnt mean Bdubs was alone.

Apparently his ability to not use run-on sentences had run off too.

Along with his hope for a good night's sleep.

But Bdubs was not lonely, definitely not. He had the whole Hermes cabin, although none of which he was really close friends with. But it was impossible to be lonely when surrounded by people... right?


The rest of his cabin was getting ready for a chariot race. Bdubs just wanted to sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option, because he knew he would wake up more tired than he fell asleep.

No, he wasn't having trouble sleeping! He was just still having dreams.

Take the night before today, for example. The night before the questers left.

He had fleeting glimpses of different scenes, which wasn't out of the ordinary. That happened often. Usually, it was random things and people he didn't recognize. Bdubs guessed that he was experiencing the dreams of other people, from the fact that they never seemed to notice him.

Some of the dreams people had were weird.


One of the dreams he had last night, however, was abnormally long.

And of an abnormally familiar mustached man.

Bdubs started the dream facing a wall with a painting of an island somewhere. Bdubs figured that wasn't important and turned around.

The bedroom was probably a different one from the one he, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, and Grian had stayed in, but it looked very similar. It was easily recognizable as a suite on Luke's monster cruise ship.

And Mumbo was in that room.

"MUMBO!" Bdubs yelled when he saw him.

Mumbo didn't look at him. He probably didn't even hear. The people in dreams never did, unless they were gods.

What was he doing in there? How had he gotten captured by Luke, and why was Mumbo, a mortal, useful to Kronos?

Mumbo was chattering about some redstone project, as always. There was a dracaena next to him, looking confused but intrigued, but he didn't seem to see that she was a monster.

Bdubs' heart sank further and further the longer Mumbo talked. The demigods already knew that Luke knew about Minecraft. By now, he probably knew how to get in as well. And now Mumbo was showing a monster the blueprints of a TNT cannon.

When Bdubs woke, he sat up and rested his head in his hands.

What could he do?

Nothing, really.

Who could he tell?

Tango, and Zedaph, and Ren if the guinea pig left his cabin today. Or he could try to Iris-Message the Hermits to see if it was true.

It occured to him that nobody had tried to Iris-Message Grian or Gem.

Maybe he could do that soon. Just to make sure they were alive.

Bdubs dug through his things to find a piece of paper. Finding nothing, he stepped outside to get one from Arts and Crafts.

It was still dark outside, so technically he wasn't supposed to be out here. But he was tired. He didn't feel like going through technicalities.

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