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This chapter is meant to be read in Mumbo's voice. *Dies*


Falling off a cliff was not the ideal start to Mumbo's time in the world where permanent death was possible.

And not only had he fallen off a cliff, he couldn't even see what had made him fall off a cliff. It looked like just a person? But there were people shooting bows and arrows at him. Maybe he had put water on their redstone, which Mumbo could respect their attempts at murder if that was the case.

Unfortunately, though, whether the cause was water on redstone or not, Mumbo was now a prisoner of said person who he had fallen off a cliff with.

Oh, there was also a scary blonde girl who reminded Mumbo slightly of False.

Except more angry, and much more murderous.

She introduced herself as Annabeth. Mumbo introduced himself as Mumbo. Because he was Mumbo. Obviously. What else would he introduce himself as, Grian?

Speaking of Grian, Mumbo couldn't find him. He was pretty sure Xisuma had messed up the coordinates when he was teleporting. Mumbo was supposed to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood.

Instead, he was somewhere called California.

Mumbo had never heard of California before. But a couple of ladies that made Annabeth peculiarly tense came to the boat with mouse ear hats talking about Disneyland. So that was something.

Then Annabeth was taken off the ship. Something about holding up the sky. Mumbo had no idea what was going on.

So, naturally, he just tinkered with redstone.

The guard people at the door tried to take it from him. Mumbo shot a firework at them. Then they left him alone. Mumbo was feeling pretty good about himself for that.

"What issss that?" One of the ladies with mouse ear hats hissed at Mumbo.

Mumbo held up the diagram he was working on. "Blueprints for an automatic sorting system," he explained. "I'm making a new design, it's pretty boring in here."

The lady looked at the blueprint curiously. "Lookssss complicated."

"It's actually quite simple," Mumbo said. "You put your shulker box in there, and the items drain out-"

He kept talking.

Mumbo really liked talking about redstone.

When he finished, the guard lady looked incredibly confused.

She probably didn't want to know anything else about Mumbo's storage system. Instead, she asked, "Why do you have a fake mussstache?"

Mumbo gasped. "It's not fake!"

It wasn't fake. It was definitely a very real mustache. And quite a glorious one, at that. Definitely real, and not stick-on or stealable at all.

"Then why issss one end peeling off?"

"B-because, uh-" Mumbo slapped the mustache back onto his face. "It's not!"

The lady laughed. "Fine. I'll play along, idiot mortal." She left.

Mumbo was still confused about this whole thing. Nobody had told him anything, not even Annabeth. She had just looked angry and refused to talk with him when he mentioned that Xisuma had sent him to look for Grian.

Wait. Actually, she had told him something. She had told him to take off the fake mustache.

Well, Mumbo would not be taking off the fake mustache - because it wasn't fake. Of course. Most definitely.

But either way, Grian would have to find his way back to Hermitcraft on his own...

Or maybe Grian (or the other Hermits in this world) would be the one who ended up rescuing him. The builder seemed to have no problem acting impulsively and breaking things out of vaults. Or prisons. Or, hopefully, cruise ships.

For now, Mumbo had his own problems.


Short chapter.

Credit to sirabooks for the fake mustache idea


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