Chapter One

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"shit" I cursed jumping out of the overly hot spray of the shower, I really need to get that fixed. I thought to myself as I quickly rinsed the soapy water from my body before the spray burnt my pale skin. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped myself in a black fluffy towel (which was warm from being hung on the radiator) and walked through into my connecting bedroom, I saw the tickets on the bedside table and I held and anxious breath. Today is the day that I have been waiting for, for months. It was a ticket to see my favourite band, black veil brides and I had been given the amazing opportunity by my parents to purchase VIP tickets which allowed me to meet the five guys who I've looked up to for just over four years.

I walked over to my closet and studied the hangers for my favourite bvb shirt and black ripped jeans, upon finding them I quickly pulled on some underwear and changed into the clothes I had picked out. I then began to dry my hair, I straightened it and then move onto my face, I applied a small amount of eyeliner and I was done. I jumped onto my bed and grabbed my phone, I sent out a tweet to my small amount of followers and flipped through my apps for a while. I glanced at the time and realised I had to be at the venue in less than three hours and it would take just over an hour to get there. I grabbed the ticket and my phone before dashing out of the room and down the stairs. "Dad!? I'm ready to leave" I called through the house to where he was sat on the couch waiting patiently for me to get ready. "Cassidy, here take this and be safe ok" my mum walked down the hall from the kitchen and handed me a few notes of money "thanks mum, I will see you later" she kissed my forehead and I followed dad out to the car.

As we made our way to the venue I could feel my anxiety kicking in and dad noticed "are you sure you're going to be okay on your own, you know I can find a way to come in with you?" I gave him a small smile and shook my head "no dad, it's fine, I have to conquer my fears at some point" he nodded and continued to drive. I stared out of the window and focused on my breathing, dad pressed the button on his side of the car and my window opened a little, "thanks" I spoke still looking out of the window, he turned on the radio and Andy's voice flowed through the small speakers and into the car.

We finally reached the venue and dad parked up as close as he could get without becoming stuck in the traffic which was bound to be outside. He stopped the car and took my hand in his "be careful ok, call me when it's finished and I will come and pick you up" I nodded and kissed his cheek "thanks dad, see you later". I waved goodbye after shutting the car door and I took the short walk towards the venue. After the short five minute walk I made my way over to the vip queue which was building up near the entrance.

All too soon we were all being let into the venue, leaving the non-vip audience to wait outside in the cool night air. I took a deep breath as I entered the somewhat warm building and stood in the box office whilst we waited to be let into another adjoining room where I guessed the band would be situated. After two small groups of people came out of the room after having met the band the line moved up, I stopped as the two girls in front of me walked ahead and into the room however the security guard told me I was allowed to enter and stopped the people behind me. I shakily took out my ticket from my pocket in the hopes that they would all be able to fit their signatures onto it. I didn't own any posters as I didn't have a lot of money so this was the best thing I could ask them to sign for me.

----- here we go guys, the start of a new story. please let me know what you think as I am unsure of whether to go ahead with this story. chapters will become longer xoxox   -----

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