Chapter 29 : Something Unsaid

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Katelin's POV

"So, how's married life?"

At Andie's question, I suppress a grimace. Mostly because I knew it was coming, but also because it's a bit awkward pretending with my best friend that my marriage was normal.

We're sitting at a corner of Finlay's having drinks. Her husband Jay was considerate enough to excuse himself to play darts with some people he knew so she and I could have our girl time together.

"It's great," I say. It was true. I expected some awkwardness after Raul and I found ourselves suddenly married after five years of a strictly business relationship, but it was ridiculously easy for us to slip into domestic life together. It didn't hurt that the sex was amazing. And frequent.

"Jesus, Kate, are you blushing?" Andie teased before letting out a hearty burst of laughter.

"I don't know what you mean," I reply, with exaggerated nonchalance. "I'm sorry it was so sudden. And while you were on your sabbatical too."

She waves a hand in dismissal. "It's fine. I'd be annoyed except I kinda like the idea of you actually eloping. Who would've thought?" Leaning forward, she adds, "If I were engaged to a guy as hot as Raul Marin, I'd marry him as soon as I can get a license. Don't tell my husband."

"We're having a proper wedding in September. You'll be my bridesmaid, right?"

"Damned right I will. Where are you having it?"

I shrug. "Right here in Boston. At Raul's parish. Easier for everyone, especially since most of my relatives and family will be flying in from out of town."

"So where's this new hubby of yours?"

I bite my lip. "He had something to take care of." Just some woman who has been angling to be his mistress, no big deal. "No idea how long that will take so I thought I'd check to see if you were back from Kyoto. How's the book coming along, by the way?"

Okay, so I may be a tad too eager to move away from the topic of my marriage. But I'm also genuinely curious about the book Andie was writing, which was the reason her university granted her a two-term sabbatical. I don't know much about sociology but I'm still pretty proud of my friend's accomplishments. Plus, she makes even the most boring subject exciting.

"Pretty good!" Her face lights up in joy. "It's amazing how much writing one can get done if one doesn't have to attend committee meetings or student consultations."

"I thought I'd invite you and Jay over for dinner sometime."

"Ohhh, dinner at the Marins." Her eyes twinkle. "Do you have, like, a butler?"

"No." I laugh. "Just a regular housekeeper and a few other staff." I tilted my glass to check its contents then drained the last of it.

"It's the weekend, so we have to serve ourselves," Andie says when I look around for a server. "I'll get us another round."

"I'll get it, sit down," I say, gesturing for her to stay in her seat.

It was surprising how full the place was on a Sunday night. I had to weave my way through throngs of people walking around with drinks. It was almost like a cocktail party; the patrons look like they all know each other.

When I finally got to the bar, I lean over it to catch the bartender's attention. "Two Guinness," I shout over the din. "And fish and chips," I add, suddenly feeling peckish. I could never understand how people could have beer without some kind of appetizer.

"Why hello there, pretty lady."

The familiar voice beside me sent heat simmering in my tummy. I turn to stare at him. "What ... what are you doing here?" I say.

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