Chapter 32 : An Offer

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Katelin's POV

Manang, I have a job. I can't just up and leave town to hang out with you in Boston.

I know. But you're my maid of honor, I was hoping you could be here to hold my hand through this. Any chance you could get a job here?

A job, yes. A rent-controlled apartment, no. Anyway, you're already married, what are you nervous about.

It's going to be a massive event. I'm meeting all his relatives. And let's not forget Auntie Julie will be singing at the reception.

Look, if we can't get her off the stage, I'll unplug the sound system. I'll consider it one of my maid of honor duties.

I miss you. You used to come over and visit.

I don't think your husband will appreciate his sister-in-law hanging around the house every week.

My finger hovered over the screen of the phone just as I was about to text Maricar that Raul wouldn't mind, but then I remember we just had sex in the foyer of the house last night. I'm going to have to remember to keep stuff like that in the bedroom if we had guests.

Are you kidding me? Raul is more sociable than I am. Besides, you're family.

Didn't you marry him only so he could keep his job?

Yes. But he's still your brother-in-law.

Did he fall madly in love with you? Please tell me he fell madly in love with you.

Hilom diha! I just need to see you okay?

Did YOU tell him you're madly in love with him??? Tell me!

Not over text.

Fine. I'll see if I can pop by this weekend. Text you back.

I snort. Apparently, all it takes to bring my sister over is the promise of tea.

"Are we close, Henry?" I ask my driver as I tuck my phone inside my purse.

"Five minutes away, Ms. Berano," he says.

I see him smiling at me from his reflection in the rearview mirror. His cheerful demeanor is a sharp contrast with the silent woman beside him in a dark suit. Mary McGuire is my bodyguard, one of three. The other two are in a separate car following behind us.

It feels very weird having four people follow me around everywhere I go. But it's just me, apparently. Safira barely gave them a thought as we went to shop after shop earlier today. She's used to having a security detail. I don't know if I ever will.

Raul is outside waiting for me on the top of the entrance steps. I don't think I'll ever not catch my breath each time I see him. His eyes are dark and beautiful as they fix on my car pulling up the driveway, almost as though he's trying to see me through the heavily-tinted windows of the Bentley. He's in a different suit from what he wore to work and his hair is a bit damp. He must have showered and changed at work.

My heart beats even faster at the thought. What's going on? Is it some special occasion I don't know about? It's not his birthday or mine.

I don't have time to give it more thought because Mary is opening the car door and Raul is reaching for my hand.

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