Chapter 21 : Overtime

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Katelin's POV

Are you free for lunch?

I normally wouldn't text someone this early in the morning on a Sunday, but I know Marcus would be up. It was a reasonable eight a.m., after all. Raul and I were getting ready for mass.


Great, there's a place in Somerville I'd like to take you. 11 am okay?

Sure. Isn't Raul coming with us?

He's heading to the office right after mass. You don't mind if it's just us, do you?

Of course not. What's the address?

I text him the name of the place and the location. Looking up, I see Raul entering the breakfast room. He looks bright and fresh in a light grey suit and navy blue shirt. He isn't wearing a tie, the same as the previous Sunday. "I'm having lunch with Marcus today," I say, tucking my phone into my purse.

Raul raises an eyebrow as he sits across from me. "You're not asking him about Gigi, are you?" he says, reaching for the coffee pot.

I shrug. "Maybe he'll tell me about it even without me asking. Aren't you curious?"

"No." He sips his coffee. "And you don't need to tell me."


Raul's POV

The financial projections I'm studying on my computer screen are looking better than the draft they gave me last week. Excellent. Maybe I'd be able to get home in time for dinner after all.

The soft knock at the door makes me look up in surprise. "Come in," I say, wondering who could be looking for me on a Sunday morning. A woman slips inside the office. "Olivia?"

My assistant gives me a bright smile as she walks in holding a mug of coffee. She was dressed in a soft red blouse with full sleeves and a short grey skirt. No jacket. Her outfit was a little more relaxed than her usual office attire. "Good morning, sir," she says.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were coming in today."

Olivia sets the mug down on my desk, slipping a coaster under it. "Well, you mentioned in your email that you were here, so I thought I should come in too."

"Thank you." I nod toward the coffee. "I didn't ask you to come in because it's a Sunday. It would be unreasonable for me to ask you—"

"Oh, but I don't mind." She smiles again. "Is there anything you'd like me to do?"

This woman is way too cheerful for someone at work on a weekend. "I'm fine, Olivia," I assure her. "Go home. Read a book. Have lunch with your friends. I'll see you tomorrow."

I sit down and bring up my notes on my computer. Olivia, however, remains where she is. "Is there anything else?" I say.

"It's just that..." She clasps her hands in front of her nervously. "I'd really like to stay, Mr. Marin. I think the work will help keep my mind off... things."

"What things?" I frown. "Is something wrong?"

She bites her lower lip. "It's personal. I'm sure you don't want to hear about it."

I lean back in my chair, studying her. She does look upset, even if she's clearly trying to hide it. "If something's wrong, Olivia, I'd like to help."

"My boyfriend broke up with me." She gives me a wan smile. "It's been a little rough for me the past week. But I promise that won't affect my work, sir."

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