Chapter 24 : Too Perfect 🌶

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Katelin's POV

My first thought was that Raul had been drinking. However, his eyes look clear and alert and I can't smell a whiff of alcohol on him. I'm not sure why I let him take my scarf off me, however. "You're being ridiculous," I say.

"You know what's ridiculous?" Raul says. He slips my coat off me. I watch it drop to the carpet then turn a puzzled look back at him. He's studying the dress I'm wearing. "Your outfit."

"What's wrong with—"

My words are cut off when he captures my mouth in a hard, hungry kiss. We both moan as our lips lock and I feel my knees weaken and buckle under me. But before I could fall, I feel his arms tighten around my waist, holding me fast against his hot, firm chest.

"Raul..." I gasp when he finally releases my mouth to drag kisses down my jawline. Cold air brushes against the back of my legs — is he lifting my dress? My next words come out in a panicked squeak. "What are you doing?"

"Ms. Berano, what did I just say about referring to your boss in a professional manner at work?"

I can barely process what he's saying as he nuzzles my neck, sending heat rushing through my body. "Huh?"

He's stroking my ass cheeks with one hand, his other arm still wrapped around me to keep me from sliding bonelessly to the floor. "Hmmm. I think some disciplinary action is required, don't you think?"

I yelp when he gives my bottom a light slap. He chuckles against my neck, then caresses my behind. I feel no sting, only an alarming rush of arousal low in my belly. I grab his shoulders, unable to keep myself from rubbing up against him. "Uh, sorry?" My voice sounds unusually breathy. Probably because Raul's lips are now on my throat, teasing me with kisses.

"Do you promise to do as you're told?" His voice is thick and raspy.

"Yes, sir."

"Good, girl."

Before I can register what's happening, he pulls me forward a few steps. Then he lifts me by the waist, positioning me to sit on the edge of his desk. He presses closer, wedging himself between my parted thighs. He takes my wrists and presses my palms on the desk behind me. I stare up at him, unable to move, trapped between the desk and his strong, powerful body. I try to wriggle my arms but his grip on my wrists is as hard as steel. "Mr. Marin," I whisper, "I don't think this is entirely appropriate behavior for the... office."

"Shhh." He brushes a kiss on my lips. "You said you'll do as your told."

I shiver with anticipation and desire. "Yes ... Mr. Marin."

"Good." He releases my wrists. "Keep your hands where they are." Slowly, he begins to undo the buttons of my dress.

I hold my breath as each button is released until my dress is gaping open over my torso. He pulls the dress down over my shoulders, then slides the straps of my bra down after it. He pushes the cups of my bra aside with his thumbs. I suck in a shaky breath when his fingers brush my nipples.

He gives me a smirk before lowering his head to take one nipple in his mouth.

The sensation of his lips wrapped around my breast makes me gasp. My back arches, my spine tingling with arousal and pleasure. "Mr. Marin," I whimper, "Please... sir."

"Mmmm..." He flicks his tongue over my sensitive tip before sucking hard.

"Ah!" I throw my head back and close my eyes. Holy crap, I think to myself, I hope nobody heard me. But it's almost torture the way he's teasing me like this. I need him inside me. Now.

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