Chapter 36 : Uninvited

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Raul's POV

"It's been four days," I say, running a hand through my hair. "Haven't you gotten anything at all?"

"The checks on the employees working on the project came out clean," Marcus says. "We're having a more difficult time checking Saldana's." He stares at me as I pace back and forth across the office. "Look, maybe we should get our security analysts on this."

"No. We can't trust anyone, remember?" I mutter a curse under my breath and toss the tablet on which I was reading Marcus's report on my desk.

"You seem unusually agitated today. What's wrong?"

"You don't think this problem is enough to agitate me?"

"I'm almost sure it's something else." He narrows his eyes at me. "What time is Kate meeting with Adan?"

"I don't know," I mutter. Looking around my office, I add, "When was the last time this place was swept for bugs?"

"Monday. I had the security people get on it after work."

"What about Olivia's office?"

"Hers too. What exactly is worrying you? Kate working with the Suarez Foundation?"

"I don't like the way he looks at her."

"Like what?"

"Like a hungry man staring at a piece of steak."

"Raul, Kate isn't going to run away with him. Especially not to Florida."

"Well, they have better weather over there."

"Also hurricanes."

"We have blizzards and flooding."

"Really? We're discussing weather now?"

"You know what, you're right. I should do something."

"Don't do it."

"Do what?"

Marcus sighs. "Don't go over there and make an ass of yourself."

I take my suit jacket from the back of my chair. "Okay, I won't make an ass of myself."

Katelin's POV

"A press conference!" I say, panic in my voice.

"We're just announcing the partnership between Suarez Foundation and Araceli Gabàs," Adan assures me with a smile.

His charm is like a spell and I relax a bit. Still, I can't shake off the anxiety at the thought of facing the press. "So you'll do all the talking then?"

"Certainly. Elisabet and I will make a brief statement each and answer questions. And we'll introduce you, yes?"

"Uhm..." I hesitate. "Is that necessary?"

"Of course! A member of one of the most influential families of Boston working with us will give our project an even higher profile." His expression turns to concern. "Unless you prefer to ask your husband's permission first?"

I bristle. My work with Adan's foundation has nothing to do with him or his company. I didn't need my husband's permission to do this. "No, I don't need my husband's approval for anything, Señor Suarez."

"Call me Adan, please." He puts a gentle hand on my elbow and guides me down the hallway to the elevators. "I quite like your American way of calling each other by our first names."

"All right." I smile. "Adan." I know he feels an obligation to endear himself to Raul's wife but he doesn't really have to lay it on so thick. He's gorgeous and has a natural charisma that so few men in his position seem to have. Like Raul. Apparently working with ridiculously handsome men is my lot in life.

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