Chapter 3.1 : Two Proposals (part 1)

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I turn to see a tall, lithe woman leaning against the door frame. She's wearing one of my dress shirts and — I'm assuming — nothing else. "Destiny," I say. "Sorry, darling. Something came up at work."

She smiles, noting Kate. "It's all right. I just came down to... well, you're out of water upstairs."

"We have some here," Kate says, brushing past me. At the corner of the study, she opens the mini-fridge.

"Does Hui Yin need water too?" I say.

Destiny shrugs. "She's still asleep."

"Here," Kate says, handing her three bottles. "Just in case your friend needs one later."

"Thanks." Destiny smiles at her. Before she walks out of the study, she turns around. "You coming back to bed, babe?"

"In a bit," I say.

After she leaves, I turn to Kate. "Sorry about that."

She's back in her seat, her focus on her laptop screen. "You're going to have to be more discrete with your... activities from now on."

I rub a hand over my face and sigh, suddenly feeling very tired. Shit. I can't believe I haven't thought of the sexual component of my brilliant plan to marry Kate. I can't survive five years of celibacy, but neither could I expect Kate to take care of that particular need. Or could I? "We could..." I pause, seeing her eyes narrow. No, she's never going to agree to it. "I could be discrete, Kate. I would never ... embarrass you that way."

"It won't be me, sir."

"I see. Would it make a difference if I offered you a million dollars for every year we're married?"

"No." She finally looks at me. "If I did this, it wouldn't be for the money."

"I'm not implying that you are. But you know you can't be my assistant once— if we get married."

"I'll get another job. It's not like it will be difficult for me—" She sighs. "Why are we even arguing about it. I'm not doing this."

"All right." He raises his hands in surrender. "You're probably right, it might complicate things."

She nods. "I'll have a list of possible actresses for your consideration. If we're calling them in for... a meeting at short notice on a Sunday, we'll have to pay them extra. But I assume that won't be a problem."

"No, it won't. I'll leave it to you."


I'm an idiot.

It takes an effort but I manage to keep from blushing as I went about getting water for the tall, gorgeous brunette who clearly just got out of Raul's bed — a bed she and he shared with another woman, apparently. It isn't often that Raul spent the night with two women but he does that sometimes. His social life is an open book — that book being the tabloids papers and blogs.

I suppose I should be grateful that Destiny showed up when she did because I was this close to saying yes to Raul's ridiculous plan for us to get married. It's a practical solution, after all. My employment contract already includes a confidentiality clause and as his "wife", I understand the assignment, as they say. It seemed like the perfect solution until Destiny's presence — and Hui Yun's — reminded me that just because Raul agrees to get married it doesn't mean he also agrees to celibacy. He has to get his sexual needs fulfilled somewhere and while we didn't discuss it, I can safely assume he isn't planning for me to fulfill them.

I was this close to agreeing to be married to a man who will be having sex with everyone but me.

There is no way I can agree to that.

I've just finished packing my things when he speaks.

"Stay the night."

I nearly jump out of my skin at Raul's words. "What?" I say, the word coming out in a squeak.

"You look tired. I don't want you driving home in that state. Come."

"Really, I can manage, Raul," I say, even though I duly follow him out the study and through the hallway. "Or I can take a cab."

"Out of the question."


He doesn't reply this time. He leads me into what I assume is a guest room. He sweeps the door open and gestures at me to go inside.

Sighing, I step into the bedroom as sumptuously decorated as the rest of his house. It's not as large as his room but it's pretty big, all done up in cream and grey with the occasional pinks. The queen-sized bed looks lovely and comfortable and already I long to bury myself under the thick grey comforter.

God, I'm tired.

To my surprise, Raul goes into the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" I say.

"Just checking if there are towels," he calls out from inside the bathroom. He steps out a second later. "No towels. Wait here."

"I can find..." I start to say but he's gone out the door.

Two or three minutes later, he's back with a pile of large fluffy towels which he lays on the foot of the bed. "I hope these are enough," he says.

"I know where your housekeeper keeps the towels," I say. "You didn't have to get them for me."

"You're a guest. And I didn't want to wake up Mrs. White." He rests his hands on his hips, surveying the room. "There's shampoo, toothbrushes, and things in the shower. Is there anything else you need?"

I had a fresh shirt and underwear in my oversize laptop bag. It's part of my job to be prepared for anything. Only I prepared for in case I have to work until morning, not for sleeping over. "I'm good, thank you," I assure him. But I'm thinking about what he just said about his housekeeper Mrs. White. I'm surprised that he doesn't expect his servants to only be glad to be awakened at four a.m. to prepare a bedroom for an unexpected guest. Odd behavior for someone so wealthy.

"Great. Good night, Kate."

He leaves, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Trying not to think of the two women waiting for him in his bed, I undress and prepare to go back to sleep.


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