Chapter 18 : A Family Affair

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"Leave us, please," Tio Basilio says to the two maids who are clearing the kitchen work counter and rinsing pans in the sink to load in the dishwasher.

I give them a smile as they file past me to head out of the kitchen. "Cómo está tu madre, Cielo?" I say.

"Feeling much better, señor Raul," Cielo says, brightening. "Gracias."

"Wouldn't you prefer to talk in your office?" I say, watching Basil give the pastries one more dusting of powdered sugar.

"Here is fine. No one will bother to bug the kitchen."

"You think your office is bugged?" I cross my arms over my chest. This is concerning, especially since we're currently trying to keep our new dye technology under wraps until we open the new factory in Raleigh. "I can send someone in to take a look."

He waves a hand dismissively. "No reason to think so, I just prefer it here." When he's done with the pastelitos, he goes to the sink to wash his hands. "Saldana has been sniffing around the department. I don't like it."

"And you think he's planning something malicious?"

"He's always planning something malicious, Raul."

I snort. He's not wrong. There's a reason why it was a surprise to me that it wasn't him behind the latest move to oust me as CEO of the company. He's always been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. "That's nothing new. But there's a reason our corporate charter allows only certain members of the board from having access to our trade secrets."

"Perhaps we should remind him of that. I doubt it would dissuade him from whatever he's planning."

"No, it wouldn't." I put an arm over my uncle's shoulders. "I'll take care of it, don't worry. Now let's go; I'd like to give my wife some of those delicious pastelitos."


"Raul tells me the wedding will be in the fall," Tia Carmen says, eyeing Kate over cup of coffee. She is sitting on one end of the dining table that has been set up in the lanai, where all of Tia Sylvia's Sunday brunches are held. Because of colder weather, patio heaters are installed in various corners. "You didn't mention this the other day, hija."

"Sorry, I..." Kate starts to say before hesitating. She looks at me for a moment before continuing. "Raul and I hadn't had time to discuss the details until he got back from DC last night."

"Your parents will be flying to town, I take it?" Tia Sylvia says. "What about the rest of your family?" She waves her fork with a piece of lechon asado around as she speaks before taking a bite of the savory pork with relish.

"I have one sister, she'll be my bridesmaid."

"Does she live in Boston?" Nico says.

"She lives in New Jersey. My parents are in Hawaii."

"Yes, what about your other relatives?" Sylvia says.

"My Dad has a brother. He lives in Florida with his husband," Kate says. "I was thinking of inviting them, of course."

Sylvia and Carmen exchange looks.

"Is... there a problem?" Kate says.

"That's it?" Carmen says, her face registering disapproval. "What about you cousins? Your mother's siblings? Aren't your grandparents coming?"

"Oh!" The confused expression on Kate's face clears. "My grandmothers are back home, so are most of my cousins. But I haven't met most of them, and the few I have, I haven't seen in over a decade."

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